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I'm starting to think online casinos are a ripoff...

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by millie54, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. millie54

    millie54 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I'm new to online gaming but have not had much luck or good experiances. I have made deposits into Rushmore and Slots Oasis but never recieved a freebie from either. it seems that you must deposit alot and often to get a freebie.  I live one hour from Atlantic City and have played there over the years and each time you play even if its $5 you recieve comp dollars you can use. I haven't played there in over a year and every day since I have recieved mail for free play, besides free gifts, rooms, food and when your there free drinks. Now I would think that online casinos have a much lower overhead then brick and mortor casinos and would be much more generous with their freebies but their not. I thought that it would be easier just to play online but now I feel it's kind of a waste of money because you get little to nothing back. Maybe I'm doing something wrong if I am please let me know.
  2. ohbhave


    I can understand your frustration... however, millie, the 2 casinos that you have chosen to deposit and play at are not known for giving free chips in the first place.  There are many other online casinos that are very good about throwing a free chip your way every now and then.  The Rival casinos are good for this practice.  Try depositing at <a href="http://absoluteslots.com/get/a/287388">Absolute Slots</a> or <a href="http://www.pantasia.com/get/a?id=6963">Pantasia</a>, those are my favorite, and you might have better luck.  Personally, I seem to have much better luck when I don't play on a free chip.  Good luck!
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  3. Mistye81


    I agree Rival Casinos are great. They are the only ones I deposit at, Absolute Slots is a great casino. I also love <a href="http://www.slotocash.com/get/a?id=15659">Slotocash</a>. Actually most of them are great at giving free chips. -- Edited by ohbhave at 19:08, 2009-02-16
  4. millie54

    millie54 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  5. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    I agree try all the <a href="http://www.no-deposit-required-casino.com/rival_casino_bonus.html">Rival casinos</a> are what you should try.
  6. Felicie


    Yes and if you're interested in withdrawing LOL - try a Rival. Good luck.
  7. Kraziegurl79

    Kraziegurl79 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I agree with all of the above. I would highly recommened Rival (the only ones I will make a deposit). If fact, try <a href="http://www.slotocash.com/get/a?id=15659">Sloto Cash</a> (my fave). They are notorious for giving out freebies to their loyal players....especially if you join their VIP club where you'll get a 5% cashback every month (among other great things)!!<img src="http://www.activeboard.com/emote.img?ID=5598" alt="roll" title="roll" /> -- Edited by ohbhave at 19:07, 2009-02-16
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  8. sashasmom

    sashasmom WELL KNOWN MEMBER

     I love playing at rival but I cant deposit there I use my credit card and my bank wont proccesse it but no problem with microgaming

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