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Discussion in 'ONLINE POKER' started by PMM, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. PMM

    PMM Guest


    Redeem your Gold Chips into a no-deposit bonus of your choice! It is really easy!

    Just get in contact with their customer support!

    The easiest way would be to send an email to poker@intertops.eu with the subject 'Gold Chips $x Bonus' where 'x' is your desired bonus amount.

    Don't forget to send your username and/or poker nickname in the body of the email.

    $5 for 20 gold chips!
    $25 for 100 gold chips!
    $100 for 400 gold chips!

    The bonus is paid out in $5 increments and will be credited to your account directly upon fulfilling the Frequent Player Point demands (FPPs). You need to collect 83.335 FPP for every $5 increment.

    Please note: Bonus can only be given if there are enough Gold Chips in your account.

    Join Intertops Poker now!

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  2. craigzzzz

    craigzzzz NEW MEMBER

    Can you get Gold Chips without making a deposit?
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  3. dji420

    dji420 NDF Moderator Staff Member

    @craigzzzz you need to make a deposit in order to earn gold chips.
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