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Is There A Difference Between Playing Online Slots and Playing Land-based Slots?

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jun 4, 2014.

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    Is There A Difference Between Playing Online Slots and Playing -Slots?

    By Lola Smith

    Let's face it. We all know that there are major differences when comparing playing online slots at home or traveling to a land-based casino to play their slot machines.

    One of the most attractive features about playing from home is that there is no need to get dressed and drive your car to the casino to play slots. Players who play from home have hundreds of casinos to choose from (depending on what country you live in) and thousands of slot machines that they can choose to play. There is no argument that one would have to fight for an unoccupied slot machine.

    On the other hand, land-based casinos have an excitement about them once the drive is over and you walk through the doors. The atmosphere surrounding them is electric. People are everywhere, the excitement level is high, bells and whistles are going off on practically every slot machine being played and people's cheers ring out through the casino floor when they hit the big one.

    What is the difference between slot machines online and slot machines at the land-based casino? The functionality of each are the same. Players deposit at online casinos whereas players insert cash or a ticket into a land-based slot machine. Players choose their denomination, the amount of lines played and then proceed to either click the spin button or pull the arm of the one arm bandit. Then the reels spin and spin and spin until they land showing you either a winning or non-winning combination. Players will lose their wager or will win something. All the basics are identical.

    But now we come to the issue of cashing out. If you are smart gambler and have a nice bankroll built up, you will want to cash out. Land-based casino slot machines make it so easy. Players hit the button that says "cash out". A ticket spits out from the machine and you take it to redeem at either a redemption machine or the casino's cashier cage. Winners walk out with cash in hand.

    Online casinos make it a bit tougher to receive winnings but that might be the price we pay for the relaxation of playing at home. Documents must be sent into the casino to verify you as a player. Deposits must be made from certain online bank accounts when cash outs are requested to be credit it to those specific accounts. The wait is probably the hardest part of playing online. Waiting for your winnings to hit your bank account can be excruciating and if there are hiccups during the withdrawal process where documents need to be sent in because they are blurred and whatnot, that just adds to the misery. It is definitely a give and take when it comes to playing online at home due to the cashout process.

    So I ask again, is there a difference between playing online slots and playing land-based slots? The answer is there is really no difference between the two different type of slot machines but the experience of both is either a win-win situation for one player or a lose-lose situation for another. For some it may be a win-lose situation and for others it may be a lose-win. Some people love sitting at home spinning away where other people love hanging out with other casino goers and sharing the rush.
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