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No Deposit Forum Exclusive $1000 Guaranteed Slot Tournament GO GROUP ~ DEADLINE MAY 3rd

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by Mben, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. silverVette

    silverVette WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    04/08 $50.00 GO0334535288
  2. kelle3

    kelle3 NEW MEMBER

    Crazy Slots$27 on 04-16-11CS0911959621Thanks
  3. taaadaaahhh

    taaadaaahhh WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    what you mean by swap them out, Mben?oh, if Grand Vegas not in Go tournament, then it's ok, you can exclude me from this tournament.  Unless it is ok to use another account within this group, but I didn't make any deposits with these casinos beside Grand Vegas. thanks
  4. seneca514

    seneca514 MEMBER

    just deposited at super slots today,is it too early to get in the next one? sl0680929784
  5. FreeSpin100

    FreeSpin100 NEW MEMBER

    Golden Casino                       GP0023776250     4-15-11      $50
  6. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

     The rep can add you into the tournament at another casino within the group. He will use your GV deposit as your eligible deposit. So any other account number in the group is good, taaaa. 
  7. Calig116

    Calig116 MEMBER

    Deposited at total of $205 04/19/11 English Harbour account #EH0131248771. New to the forum, so please bear with me and send me a message if more info is needed. Thanks!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Go CasinoGO00273540794/20 - $25
  9. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for registering everyone. [​IMG]seneca and Calig, this is the GO group tourney thread. You have to post in the EH thread to be able to participate.seneca, I think you did post there already. [​IMG]And Calig, if there is anything you need, being new to the forum, let me or PMM2008 aka Pam know and we'll help you out as best as we can. [​IMG]
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  10. katiebugjr

    katiebugjr WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Deposit 4/26 - 25.00GO CasinoGO0678384140#7256
  11. dazzlingdebra

    dazzlingdebra MEMBER

    Deposited 4/22, 4/23, 2011go casino, GO0124836135
  12. sporty883

    sporty883 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    [​IMG]CS0140075559  4/28 39.00[​IMG]Go Group and NDF[​IMG] 
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  13. dji420


    OV092521472604/23 $25  online vegas
  14. crazysider69

    crazysider69 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    OV046970052127$ 4/28thank you
  15. 3wordz

    3wordz NEW MEMBER

    GO04016827542011/4/15  $25
  16. mew1432

    mew1432 NEW MEMBER

    OV0943197333     25.0 USD04/28/2011 22:59:05 GMT
  17. str8ball

    str8ball WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    GO CasinoGO0691177256Deposit:  $25  4/29/2011
  18. weeknatbernie

    weeknatbernie WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    OV0666467101 $25 04/29/11 thx
  19. jrkunin

    jrkunin NEW MEMBER

    $50.00 4/17  Slots Galore Acct#GL0081858044
  20. jrkunin

    jrkunin NEW MEMBER

    wrong tournament......sorry
  21. sandiegosex

    sandiegosex WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    OV0043434823 online vegas , deposit of 40 dollars on april 24th. and 25 dollars on april 24th.
  22. rhondaaka

    rhondaaka MEMBER

  23. benco333

    benco333 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    GP0182770255  -   04/16  -   $25.00Thank you
  24. tamaroa


    Golden 25.00 5-1-11 ----------------------------GP0191104677
  25. tamaroa


    [​IMG][​IMG]     TY
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  26. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    No ... THANK YOU, TAMAROA and EVERYONE ELSE who signed up!!!  [​IMG][​IMG]
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2014
  27. mmabala

    mmabala NEW MEMBER

    deposited 26.48 at GO casino on 4/9/11mmabala-GO0066613231
  28. danbury1296

    danbury1296 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  29. becksfun

    becksfun WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Deposited $25 on 4/29/11 at Online Vegas, acct# OV0797611244. Thanks [​IMG][​IMG]
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  30. Seriously


    deposited $29 on 4/28 at OV0389555901thank you!

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