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No Deposit Forum Exclusive $500 Guaranteed Slot Tournament ~ ENTRY DEADLINE MAY 18TH

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by Mben, May 6, 2010.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] <a href="http://www.crazyslots.com/?c=30605&s=1317" title="ndf">[​IMG]</a> Name: No Deposit Forum Exclusive $500 GuaranteedPrize pool: $500 distributed among top 20 players (WR = 10x)Starts: Thursday, May 20th, 2010, at 7PM (EST) and runs for 24 hours.Game: Vampire Vixen(newly released)Entry fee: FREE (only eligible players will be entered, see details below)Re-buy: $0.99 Eligibility:To be eligible players must make at least one deposit between May 6th andMay 18th 2010 in one of the following casinos: <a href="http://goldencasino.com/" >GoldenCasino.com </a>,<a href="http://www.gocasino.com/?c=30605&s=771" title="ndf">GoCasino.com </a>,<a href="http://www.onlinevegas.com/?c=30605&s=311" title="ndf"></a><a href="http://www.onlinevegas.com/?c=30605&s=311" title="ndf">OnlineVegas.com</a> or <a href="http://www.crazyslots.com/?c=30605&s=1317" title="ndf">CrazySlots.com </a>. This promotion is available for new and existing players (Note: in the caseof GoldenCasino, only existing customers can participate). Qualifiedplayers will be automatically entered to the tourney. IMPORTANT: Players can use one account only to participate in the tourney.If a player has accounts in more than one casino, he/she must choose oneaccount to participate. (no multiple accounts allowed - players whoparticipate in the tournament using more than one account shall bedisqualified). Player account must be in good standing.Note: The maximum number of participants in this tournament is 50 players.If there are more than 50 qualified players, the players in excess will beentered in another tourney offering the same conditions that will beannounced at a later date. Prize breakdown:1st          $1502nd          $653rd          $554th          $505th          $456th          $307th          $208th          $159th          $1210th        $1011th        $912th        $813th        $714th        $615th        $516th        $417th        $318th        $219th        $220th        $2
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  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Deposited $30 on May 6th
  3. Gold777Diamond

    Gold777Diamond WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Deposit at Online Vegas"
    Acct. # OV0505670177"
    05 / 07 / 10 for $25"
    Thank You"

    SPADEAHOLIC Thinks Too Much

    GoCasino 5/7 $25 GO0283917541
  5. sgolsen7

    sgolsen7 MEMBER

    GO0352561389    Go Casino $ 50 on May 6th
  6. winnerchickendinner

    winnerchickendinner NEW MEMBER

    my go casino acct is go0703886088 and i deposited forty on may 5th [​IMG]
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  7. casey333

    casey333 MEMBER

    25 on 5-7 10  go0368644431   thnx
  8. dji420


    OV0925214726; 05/08/2010$$25 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  9. benco333

    benco333 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    GO Casino- GO0502825334 $25     05/09 thanks for the tournament3
  10. lauralaten

    lauralaten WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    May 6 $50
  11. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like a great start to the next exclusive GO Group tourney! Keep the entries coming!
  12. dcovillion

    dcovillion WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  13. sandiegosex

    sandiegosex WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    deposited at online vegas on 5/10/10. 30.00 dollars on account number ov0043434823
  14. slottyhottie

    slottyhottie MEMBER

    GO Casino Account: GO0014063747 Amount: 25.0 USD First name: GINAThanks[​IMG] -- Edited by Cat Dancer on Thursday 20th of May 2010 01:25:28 PM
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  15. rocco403

    rocco403 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    deposited 30 at online vegas 5/9/10 ov0621144390
  16. weeknatbernie

    weeknatbernie WELL KNOWN MEMBER

     Online Vegas deposited  $25 05/11/10  OV0666467101
  17. dji420


    OV0925214726; 05/08/2010 online vegas $25 [​IMG][​IMG]
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  18. smonique

    smonique WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Deposit $25 on 5/6 & 5/7
  19. Xpostal


    put me in the game...."
    50 on 5/12 GP0562646769
  20. TashaSalad

    TashaSalad NEW MEMBER

    CS0425726186  4/29/10  $25GO0047577188  4/17/10 $25OV0917867778
  21. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you all for registering for this tournament!"
    There is still time to get into this one folks! I am sending off the list next Tuesday, May 18th.
  22. pheapgirl

    pheapgirl Banned

    $50 5-14-10 Go Casino Account: GO0962643228
  23. fay47

    fay47 NEW MEMBER

    $25 May 14, 2010 at Crazy Slots CS0319140179
  24. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you pheapgirl and fay for registering!
  25. ahardin3

    ahardin3 NEW MEMBER

     Crazy Slots CS0368336523 deposited on 5/14/10 $25.00
  26. kiwi769

    kiwi769 NEW MEMBER

    GO0543158430, deposited $25 on 04/29/2010,
  27. david2010

    david2010 NEW MEMBER

    OV0589396494 - 05/07/10 - $25
  28. dcovillion

    dcovillion WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Deposited 25.00 at Online Vegas on OV0781156473 5-11-10 thank you
  29. carrielea

    carrielea NEW MEMBER

    deposited $25.00 5/3/2010   at go casinoacct # GO0100432712 thankscarrie bertolino
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  30. str8ball

    str8ball WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Crazy Slots CasinoCS0326597121Deposit:  $25       5/13/2010

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