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Online Casino Software Providers - The Differences

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Online Casino Software Providers - The Differences

    By Lola Smith

    Online casinos run on many different platforms. Some of the more common software platforms you will find online casinos using include Real Time Gaming, Rival, BetOnSoft, Topgame, Wager Gaming Technology, Playtech, Cryptology, Microgaming and BetSoft. Being that I reside in the United States, all software provider options are not available for me to play on unfortunately. The good ol days of playing at a Microgaming casinos are long gone for me and everyone else in the USA, for that matter. So instead of bringing up fond and distant memories of playing at Microgaming or Playtech casinos, I will focus on the software providers that do cater to players in the US.

    There are three basic components to any online casino. They include the lobby, the cashier and the games. There are extras that can be found within the casino or software that may include an area that provides messages to the player or an area where you can find the latest casino news. Also, a live chat feature can be found within most all of the online casinos.

    So which software has the most friendliest user interface? "User interface" is a term that is used frequently when talking about computer operating systems. "User interface" can be used when talking about online casino software platforms too. When one wants to enjoy some online gambling fun, the procedure is always the same. Click on your desktop icon and launch the casino. A login screen appears and you type in your login and password. The lobby commences to load and players are faced with either proceeding to a casino game, going to the cashier to make a deposit, claim a bonus or maybe even going to cash out because of a current balance. When menuvering around the various casinos, everything is pretty much spelled out. There are buttons that say games, video slots, new games, table games and more. There is another button that says cashier. There is a button that says messages. Everything is self explanatory. There really is not any skill involved with moving around in an online casino.

    I think one of the most important features that determines which software provider becomes your favorite platform to play on are the games it offers. All casinos offer 3 reel classics, video slots, progressive games, specialty games, table games and video poker. But the feel of each game is entirely different depending on which software you are in.

    BetOnSoft casino games have changed recently regarding their bonus rounds. In the older video slots when a bonus round was hit, a loading bar with load and a second screen would appear. One would play their bonus round and when it ended, a loading screen would appear and the player would then be taken back into their regular game. Their newer video slots are different. When a bonus round is hit, the screen instantly changes before your eyes with no loading bar visible. I think this is an improvement that BetOnSoft has come up with in their favor.

    Rival casino games seem to "cartoonish" for me, if that makes sense. I was a Rival girl for many many years and the cartoon aspect never bothered me. For some reason I quit being a Rival girl and now when I do go back into that software, the comical look of all their games is what stands out at me.

    Real Time Gaming slot games are different from the other software types. Their are 3 reel classic slots definitely have a feel of a real slot machine that can be found in a land-based casino.

    Topgame casino games have this glossy or glassy feel to them, in my opinion. That is not a bad thing as I think they have quality graphics about them.

    Wager Gaming Technology slots all have the same feel to me. The slot game may look different but the feel of one game to the next, when going from video slot to video slot, are identical to me. Real Time Gaming has that effect on me also.

    At this point in my online gambling path, I have become drawn to BetOnSoft casinos as my casino of choice these days. To me, every game has an entirely different feel. Game graphics can look fun and "cartoonish" in one game while other games can look more sharp, vivid and modern.

    I don't know what attracts people to their favorite casino and their favorite software. Whatever it is, we know that we are all using the same type of interface to move around the casino. So does it come down to the games that they offer? I think that is the biggest draw as far as where we decide to play as online gamblers.
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