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Play Smart

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Sookie, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Play Smart
    By Christina Applebaum

    Set a Budget

    Have a set budget. Decide how much you are able or willing to lose and stick to it. Leave all your credit cards at home. [I have to do this] If you want to see a show or eat make sure you factor that into your budget as well. Search for coupons. If you are planning on eating and you know where you would like to eat search online for any coupons or specials that might be running.

    Don't Let Your Emotions Control You

    Gambling definitely has a psychological aspect to it. We have all felt that exhilarating high that comes with winning as well as the sinking feeling in your stomach that comes with losing. So to say, "Don't get emotional" would not be very realistic. However you don't want to start making decisions based on those emotions. Thoughts like, "I can't possibly lose again" are a signal that this is happening and it's a good time to take a break and get your emotions under control.


    Just as you don't want to let your emotions rule, an alcohol addled brain is not one you want making all your decisions either. Many casino games require skill and having too much to drink will surely cause you to make some mistakes. Alcohol can also make you feel indifferent or cavalier about losing money.

    Have Fun

    Remember casinos are an adult entertainment industry [emphasis on the word entertainment]. Big playgrounds for grown ups with flashing lights and lovely waitresses if you will. Everyone is there to have fun and maybe to get lucky. If you're not having fun you should probably seek entertainment elsewhere.
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