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Rhyme Time sponsored by Casino Share, Quatro casino and Grand Mondial casino - TEN FREE $10 UP FOR G

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by belgamo, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    We have ten Free $10 chips to give out on this one. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Give us your best Casino Gambling Rhymes!Post your rhymes to have a chance to win casino and gambling related only. To win, you MUST have deposited in the past prior to JULY 24th 2009 at either Casino share, Quatro Casino or Grand Mondial. If you win you must take the chip at the casino you have previously deposited at. Post your account number with your rhyme to win.We will pick the WINNING TOP 10 On JULY 24th.Enter as many times as you want but you will only be able to win one chip.If you don't have an account sign up at one of these fine casinos today.NEW players from the USA are not accepted. -- Edited by belgamo on Tuesday 30th of June 2009 07:42:42 PM
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  2. vacant1


    Max betgo for brokeMy last spin hope the slot don't chokeI'm sweating can't wait to seewhat this great slot will bring to me5 scatters or wilds that would be greatIf nothing comes no food on my plate1 reel, 2 reels, 3 reels, 4whats on the 5th i wanna see morewow i can't believe this just hitrun to the bathroom i almost just sh*t5 wilds max win on max betnow i felt it the first drop of sweatjumping for joy i tripped on a chairfell back bumped my head wanna hear more?grand mondial casinovgmr02127556stories not complete more to come if your luckytime to have a bath wheres my rubber ducky?
  3. Felicie


    That is cute! Good luck.
  4. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Make it or break it at the casino"
    pour up a beer and don't shed a tear"
    for casinocashgiveaway will always be here."
    Grand Mondial "
  5. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Gambling all the way,"
    Enjoying every minute, I have to say,"
    Spending every dime on fun & excitement, "
    Heart pumping, praying to the Gambling Gods:"
    For once, let me have this BIG win, against all odds!"
    Gambling all the way,"
    Slots, poker and of course roulette,"
    Sometimes on a small, sometimes on a huge BET,"
    Waiting for a BIG return on investment, at last,"
    Covering all my losses from the past!"
    Casino Share"
  6. desperado347

    desperado347 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Not even a penny to show for my timeAll I have left is this worthless rhymeI've given my dollars to the casino of choiceAnd clutched at my mouse with hands that were moistFor I know that the Jackpot is just one spin awayBut no matter how close, it won,t come todayFor unless I am lucky and this contest I winI can not afford even one more little spincasinoshare...tcsr05405586thanks for the contest
  7. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Flaky flaky as this rhyme may be"
    the casino is calling me."
    Sorry I can only try. LOL
  8. Zagora


    There was a young lady from Bray,"
    The slots she wanted to play,"
    There was no money to be had"
    which made her sad,"
    Until she visited Casino Cash Giveaway!!!"
    A feeble attempt, I know, but what can I say ... lol Vgmr01915184
  9. amurry

    amurry MEMBER

    Happy Birthday Casino Cash & Thanks for the contest. I can play this one!ID Vgmr00528905casino rhymes with dinodino is a petpet rhymes with betbet is how I win moneymoney rhymes with honeyhoney thinks he get my money I'm not good at this lol
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  10. ncas575


    [​IMG]Wow, ever1! I enjoyed reading. Hmmmmm.....I don't think I am good at it but sure try[​IMG]Gambling has been, getting nothing from something.[​IMG] This is my dream, getting something out of nothing.[​IMG]It is my own dream, I dream it again and again. I dream  that my luck starts here at Casino Cash Giveaway. Then I dream that my true luck ends at my bank. I hold fast to dream. For if my dream dies, Every casino will be  broken-winged birds, That cannot fly.[​IMG]
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  11. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    My Life Is A Slot Of Fun By: Unsoughtpoet I came from the land of OZ, and landed here at the ZOO...is it because I am dyslectic.. or that my gambling makes life so hectic? I am usualy not this confused,but,..as a stay at home MOM...I must keep myself amused !For the web is a very wide worldwith so much to entertain...And I found my place, lol... spinning reels to ease my brain!And maybe, ( if I click it just right, lol )  Many riches I will gain!but somehow that does not pertain...cause i'll still do it over and over again. You see, Gaming is in my blood,pulsing through each & every vien.It is in my body, and in my soul and spinning through my brain!I am at peace with my spin-spun-fun, you see,Its all the bonus searching that drives me insane! And for any and all of the player haters,..To them I'd say KISS MY ASS  Cause I'll be counting my cash, oopsie...there i go again...redepositing it, to my dismay! **shhhh...dont tell anyone that i ever pay!**For you see my friends,It's the gambling train and I'm aboard it for today. Even dispite the fact that my governmenthas tried so hard to take it away! I confess, I'm an internet junkie,  with only one goal on my mind.To spin those reels just one more time...cause this time it's going to hit! Gotta find me a bonus to place one more bet...then I won't even risk a dime! Damn! lost it again?O'well who gives a Shit!ITS SPIN-SPUN-FUN DAMN IT!
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  12. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    darn it,...why can't i edit this in? "
    O-WELL, I forgot this info,... so here you go!"
    Casino Share account # tcsr05281026
  13. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Very cool poems! Lots of creative minds going thus far. Good luck everyone!
  14. irisse

    irisse MEMBER

    [​IMG]Dreaming of winning[​IMG]I slill hear a slot machine,And it is rhyming with so many dreams,That i can play until any evening,Even sometimes till the morning.I am a gambler with nothing,But my dreams are lightins,I cant just ignore this feeling,To be a day the ones with big winning.So for somes dollars for playing,See i keep my dream of winning,I am a poor dreamer that hoping,That you can give me a chance to be the winning.With affection a poor gambler [​IMG]
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  15. irisse

    irisse MEMBER

    Oups i forgot my id casino at casino Share here is :  tcsr00429238 Thanks i am the poor gambler irisse
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  16. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro FANTASY FOOTBALL GUY

    Roses are red,violets are bluewhen i get outta bed, gambling time comes due.....dice bounce around,slots do that spin,no matter how much i spend,i never ever win.....my luck will surely turn,it will happen anyday,this i have earned, since joining casino cash giveaway!!!!!!!my mondial id is Fgmr00648349                 [​IMG]
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  17. gauge

    gauge NEW MEMBER

    no name(to the tune of the raven)Once upon a afternoon doobie,While i sat watchin scooby,Weak and weary from the drunken adventures of the night beforeWhile i nodded nearly napping,the upstairs neighbor started rappingtopped off only by his Nikes tapping tapping right above my head and bed,stomping his vicious thug beat on his kitchen floor...That boys no Tupac i muttered, a vanilla ice maybee...and nothing moreAhhh...breathing in my burning trip weed,with the brain the size of hay seed,this is no place for a grown man to reside ini yelled to the world thru the booming cieling and floorIve gotta get out of herebefore i turn on the gas to the oven and not close the doorthen suddenly i felt in me a yurning, and my pay check in my pocket burningthe only way out of this crap hole is gambling , or take a second job as a whoreso being the fact that im a fat guy, and just a little gay shy, i decided that the one armed bandit would be my best chance at gettig out of this urban boreI just need one big win I mutteredjust one win and nothing more.So I hailed a taxi driver, and didnt sit in back but beside her,and asked the cabbie to drop me at the casinos front door to the place where wonderous  wagers live and and lost souls are storedto the one armed bandit gambits  and heavy hearts are coredjust one win and nothing moreSo i pulled out my twentyand slid it in my honey, the named 3 wheeled monster motherand yanked the arm down tword the floor.closed my eyes and held my breathfor what felt like a hour or maybee fourpraying for a win just one win god, and nothing moreand i recieved a healthy pay outnot the type that you could write about but enough to buy me a tall stoutand secure my employment status in a office and not out wearing a tube top out in front of the corner liquor store.just a little wager on my endand nothing more. 
  18. gauge

    gauge NEW MEMBER

    oh...i dont have a account at any of these casinos but felt like playing along anyway.
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  19. DrJugz


    one day I said...ok"
    My life is dull and my cat is already spay."
    No need to sport a frown..."
    just because I at one point was down."
    I downloaded my first online casino..."
    I was amazed! This is better than RENO!"
    Then I took a chance..."
    in one slot spin, I won so much, my ass got up to DANCE!"
  20. irishdaisy

    irishdaisy NEW MEMBER

    MY EVENING by IrishdaisyA spin awaybefore I hit the hayis my big winso I continue to spinWith every dimeeach second in timeI spin and prayhoping today is my dayIt'll come it mustbefore I bustor fall asleepin one big heap tyvm for contest  Grand Mondial  vgmr00319927
  21. christymv

    christymv NEW MEMBER

    why cant i cash out"
    it makes me want to shout"
    i see me win and scream"
    to only reallize its just a dream"
    i love to spin those slots"
    alot better than banging pots"
    i would really like to win"
    just so i could again spin"
  22. msfilly


    Casino Cash Giveaway"
    Check out the forum every day"
    promos and contest for every member"
    What every game you like to play "
    Casino Cash Give away is the place to remember"
    thanks for the contest"
    GM Vgmr00292280"
  23. ronwho2

    ronwho2 MEMBER

    After having a few shots we hit the slots.vgmr00001563
  24. ronwho2

    ronwho2 MEMBER

    I think gambling is a great way to get nothing for something. tcsr00023210
  25. MWONE57

    MWONE57 Banned

    Roses are Red"
    Violets are Blue"
    I like Casino Cash Giveaway"
    How about you ??"
  26. wyldgirl

    wyldgirl WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I'm at it again, They all say I'm obsessed.My teeth don't get brushed, and I'm barely half dressed!Its not really the slots consuming my mind.Its something most people say they never can find.It's not hitting a jackpot but that would be somethin,What i'm really after~ is that elusive CASH OUT button!Now there is one most all of us can identify with!! LOLtcsr01219617
  27. ncas575


    Oops! forgot to put casino i.d. number! casino share i.d.# tcsr02690944 thank you.[​IMG]
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  28. chas24


    Smart turned lazy, went crazy,"
    Then crazy got smart!!"
    At first, spoke from the brain,"
    now with the heart."
    Between, each, thought I jot,"
    I battle words,"
    And voila, presto! Another manifesto I plot."
    Nerd every word, without diction or thesaurus,"
    the predator of any editor,"
    With many names I pen, nothing any one can do for us!! "
    $20.00 dep 7/21/09
  29. throbnrob

    throbnrob WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Here at my computer I sit."
    I think I'll try gambling a bit"
    I start the slots spinning."
    I can't believe I'm actually winning!!"
    I then started betting as if i were rich."
    But the outcome soon came."
    And I found myself saying"
    being broke sure is a bitch .!"
    Good luck all! Happy B-Day to the forum!!"
    Casino Share acct. tcsr01089549
  30. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    Will that spin be a winnerI cant wait to seeI am on my last dollara win must be.I hit the spin buttonand it goes tumbling byThe bells are ringing and I am singing the bye bye.cash out button is just aheadotherwise I will be leaddown the losing thread.Time to withdrawal the moneyso I can take out my honey!(no one said I can rhyme!) lolvirgietcsr01087397 casino share

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