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The Ups And Downs Of Working From Home

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, May 30, 2014.

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    The Ups And Downs Of Working From Home

    By Lola Smith

    Who in their right mind would not jump at the chance to work from home? It's almost a no brainer deciding whether or not to take a dream job like that when offered, right?

    Well, it's actually a toss up between accepting what you would think is a dream job or what may turn you into an unsocial butterfly.

    Since I graduated high school, I have had a job. I've worked for eight different companies in the last 30 years. I actually worked for two of those companies at the same time. Yep, I worked seven days a week punching a time clock at both jobs. Fast food, retail, airport concessions office manager, computer software technical support, the medical field and then finally my current job where I work from home.

    I'm going to start with "The Good". Then I will discuss "The Bad". And then "The Ugly".

    The Good

    Oh, the joys of working from home! First of all, I do not have to leave to drive to an office. I do not have to fight rush hour traffic to and from work. I do not have a time clock that I need to punch. Uniforms, who needs them? I set my own schedule. I follow my own rules as long as my rules get the job done as far as what is expected of me by my employer. I take my breaks when I want. I come and go when I want. I cook, clean and run my errands when I want. Oh boy! This is the life! Let's jump to the bad now.

    The Bad

    The biggest negative to working from home is my lack of interaction with people face to face. I have tons of interaction through telephone calls, instant mesaging, text messages and emails. But I can count on one hand on a weekly basis how many faces I actually see and talk to. Living alone adds to that number. Stir craziness sets in. You start talking to the walls. When the walls start talking back, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. If that ever happens, I would definitely seek mental help. Now on to the ugly.

    The Ugly

    My favorite part about working from home is the weight gain! My secretary's spread has never been bigger and that makes me so happy I could jump for joy if not for the weight holding me down! If anyone needs more explanation in this department, I will elaborate. but I really don't think I need to. I am sure you got the widescreen, panoramic picture.

    And there you have it. The joys and woes from working from home. If there is anyone who may be offered to make their living from home, the choice is yours and yours alone, unless you have others living with you with whom you absolutely need to dscuss this over with because the havoc it can reek on relationships may be more than a couple can overcome.

    Let me close with ... I love working from home. I do not see myself working an out of the home job for years to come. Don't worry about me though. I'll be sure to check to see if I can still fit through my front door from time to time!
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