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Things Todays Children Will Never Understand

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Sookie, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Sookie

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    Things Todays Children Will Never UnderstandBy Christina Applebaum


    My kids look at me like I'm crazy, or from another planet, or just flat out lying when I try to explain to them that when I was a kid, we watched cartoons on Saturday morning. My son asked if that was the only time I was allowed to watch them. From the look on his face when I explained that that was the only time they were on T.V., you would have thought I was telling him about how I used to have to wash my clothes by beating them on a rock in the river. When I think about it, it's quite sad that there is an endless flow of crap 24 hours a day for kids to watch not to mention with cable you can pay for even more channels of that crap. They aren't even good cartoons, and most kids I see today have grown up with their parents using all that empty programming as both babysitter and pacifier. My children will never know what it was to not be able to turn on the T.V. whenever they want and find unlimited cartoons to watch.


    I remember when not everyone had cell phones, and after that I remember when I thought it was weird to see a kid with a cell phone (and when I say "kid" I don't even mean all the 6 year old's you see with iPhones now, back then I would think..."What does a 15 year old need a cell phone for"?)

    But those days too are gone. Children now have cell phones and tablets before they can read or write. My children didn't have such things at that age but they are all 20 years old and up. But what my kids will never understand is what it was like to have to be at home to use the phone, not only that but to have to sit or stand in one place while they use it or as far as the cord would allow them to move around. (yes I'm talking about before cordless ones came out).


    It didn't exist. Period. Information was found in books from the library. I would be very surprised if kids today knew how to find a book in a library using the Dewey Decimal System. (Do they still teach that in school?) You looked up phone numbers in a phone book.

    Go Outside

    This last one is my favorite one...go outside. I see kids all the time whining ..."I'm bored", "There's nothing to do". Well that certainly wasn't my mothers problem when I was a child. I had book, toys, and this mystical place where I spent most of my time called OUTSIDE. Sometimes I would be told to go outside and she would let me know when I could come back in.(that was usually on Saturdays after the cartoons ended when she was trying to clean the house). What did I do to fill the time? I played in the backyard with this and that, colored on the driveway with chalk, dug holes in the backyard for no reason other than to dig them, we would just make up games to play, to name a few ways I recall passing the time. And it was fun!

    Things were very different when I was a kid, honestly I think I'm better for it.


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