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My online user name is carrie17c. I was playing with Vegas2Web casino and cashed out at $500. First they required me to send all kinds of documentation. I sent it three times before they claim to have received it, which took approximately two weeks. Once that was approved they stated my money would go into my account on Monday or Tuesday. This was on a Friday. Two weeks later there’s was still no money. I contacted support and was told that they will escalate it. That was a week ago this morning. I received an email stating that my withdrawal had been processed and my money was being sent to my bank account. 10 min later I received an email stating that my withdraw was reversed and if I didn’t place that reversal that I should contact them. I contacted them and they said my winnings were forfeited because I placed bets over $10. I have never placed a bet over $10. I bet usually one to two dollars sometimes $.60. When I asked for proof, they said to look at my account online. Then they closed the chat after some arguing back-and-forth. When I stated that I was going to complain, they told me I was going to affect my standing with my financial institution and other gambling sites and they wouldn’t want that for me so as a good faith gesture they will put $50 on my casino account. I told him I don’t want the $50 on my account. I want it in my bank they stated I cannot make a withdraw under $100 instead told me to just use the 50 to try my luck and gamble some more and who knows “I may win”. Beyond angry.!
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Hey @carrie17c, I'm sorry you are going through this but unfortunately, we do not endorse the casino, so we can't help. Many years ago we used to promote them but dropped them because of two main reasons... their lack of communication with us and they had no proper payment processor in place.

I hope you get this solved in a positive way, but I probably would not hold my breath.

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