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Vote for the BEST Microgaming casino - FREE TO ENTER

Discussion in 'CLOSED FORUM CONTESTS' started by belgamo, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    All Jackpots, lots of promos, free tournements and cashbacks! Lucky no's 2395
  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    7684 Royal Vegas. Because I cashed out there several times.
  3. stallions

    stallions WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    They paid when i won,and because they felt it took longer then it should have so they sent me a free 100 now thats class... 1548
  4. mines gotta be richreels won a few free tournies[​IMG]my name frankiedettori    number 2425[​IMG]
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  5. grr84u


    I voted RED FLUSH!! More Free Money++Kewl Contests :)"
  6. hotminky

    hotminky MEMBER

    Let me just say that I am a member of almost every casinos listed and I have to say,,,, after many years of playing at different sites nothing has even come close to the superior customer service i have recieved by the energetic, personable, attentive, patient and most of all extremely generous live chat operators a GOWILD Casino. Unfortunately, with most of the other casinos listed, after you have been a depositing patron for some time , it seems as if you are more second rate with the customer service and the bonusus. Not at GOWILD!!! Infact, I feel as if I am more of a personal member of the staff rather than another faceless customer. I often log on just to say howdy to some of the operators or to tell them a joke to lighten their day. And without hesitation or request , they sometimes just throw in a few credits into my account just because I made them laugh. Now that is unique. Actual people across the globe from me treating me like loyal customer. Or even better, like a family member. This just shows me that not just my money is important but my integrity is of the upmost importance as well. And with that said.. unless they decide to overhaul their staff and let go of chat personel such as Roxanne, Britney, Denise, Shannon, and others that I failed to have mentioned, I will be a GOWILDCASINO member for as long as the U.S.A allows me to play! lol. Sorry for the lengthy comment but it just needed to be said. [​IMG]"
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  7. steif3

    steif3 Banned

    Go Wild for the customer service! #5997
  8. louise420

    louise420 NEW MEMBER

    My choice would be Villento, good service and free spins! #3669
  9. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    My vote went to Rich Reels. Great support!"
  10. sls616


    My favorite Micro Casino  is Royal Vegas  They have fast cashouts and It's the only Micro Casino that I have been able to cashout at for a long time now.  I pick numbers   1934  please.  Thank-you for the contest!!! 
  11. tecknomania

    tecknomania WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I wish I had a GoWild account!!"
    Anyway, my pick is Royal Vegas because they have awesome customer service. A close second would be Grand Mondial. 6423
  12. deej


    grand mondial, i play there all the time and have cashed out a bit they are always quick the the payment 7238
  13. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    gold wild for sure 0510
  14. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    [​IMG]please disregard my first post i thought it was go casino i cant play mico ones from usa. wrong post in wrong place. sorry didnt mean to do that......
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  15. josie1231

    josie1231 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Hi all[​IMG] my pick is one of the 17 casino rewards casino, vegas palms. i won there a tournament and got 50 Euro. i did play with it and won 1000 Euro. But i too like very Go wild[​IMG] my pin is: 2411Thanks and very warm greetings  Josie
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  16. bczoom513

    bczoom513 NEW MEMBER

    Royal Vegas....great contests & tournaments...3332
  17. jonnan3

    jonnan3 NEW MEMBER

    Villento Casino is the super, great service and fast payouts.[​IMG]0127
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  18. Pegeesue


    Good grief...tough vote since I like them all..but lately I would say Villento..of course we all love the slots but because it wouldn't take my pp c/c..c/s was patient in directing me to an online wallet and offering me an extra bonus once I made my deposit on top of the bonus that was already running.."
  19. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro FANTASY FOOTBALL GUY

    This one was very hard to choose from because micro has always been my fav software, and my fav casino was Music hall until they became part of casino rewards so now i go with 7 Sultans...Fortune Lounge rocks   [​IMG]my # are 9632
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  20. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    the lucky draw tickets at the Casino Rewards group casinos (such as virtual city) are tempting to get my vote being each week now i've won $50 to $100 of them tickets hitting,....BUT....even still, I'd have to agree with the magority here and say the revolution @ GO WILD CASINO is well worth my $$$! They are the best Customer Maniacs online,....anywhere! That And the fact they are my friends now much like my peeps here on the forum,... and who doesn't like a place where everybody knows your name ? ...Norm (from Cheers) even left his bar stool for his slot seat @ go wild! LOL [​IMG]"
    lucky pick #8675
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  21. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    go wild casino"
    their customer svc is out of this world"
  22. ring657130

    ring657130 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I have to say this was a tough close for me. I LOVE THEM ALL LOL ..But GrandMondial is top I have better luck here than any other !  # 5827
  23. allnth69

    allnth69 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Royal Veas"
  24. chazandmar

    chazandmar NEW MEMBER

    omg go wild is the best casino ever.they are the most generous casino out there!they are so friendly.they are there to help at all time.love it how there chat just pops up when your playing just to see if your ok.#2479
  25. Booo73


    I really love the Casino Rewards group.  Especially since they added the Rewards Riches Lottery.  I have won almost $200 on free tickets they give me.  And that's on top of the comp points that are really easy to earn and cash in at a relatively low rate. 1320
  26. nmiltche

    nmiltche MEMBER

    All Jackpots is best of its group which is most trustworthy .
  27. Mistye81


    Allslots, cause its the only one I have downloaded!"
  28. wyldgirl

    wyldgirl WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Go Wild is by far the best due to their Casino business Standards and Their support staff filled with the wild girls is the best i have seen in online casinos!!8292
  29. ncas575


    Platinum Casino for me always. I don't know why I love them so much but hey, what can I say other than I am a faithful person?[​IMG] # 0608
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  30. ashian


    ROYAL JOKER CASINO BY A LONG SHOT! It has the thrill of the microgaming platform and one thing more... terrific bonus opportunities and lightning quick payouts! It took them only 2 days to get 1,7000. into my bank account after requesting my withdrawal after only a 20. deposit!!!! Wow! And they were SUPERNICE about the whole thing! I have yet to run into a micro casino that has all these perks to them... many seem to be lagging on us U.S. Players now that they have been exiting the American market...9583

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