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When Free Chips Become Fun Money

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Mben, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Mben

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    When Free Chips Become Fun Money

    By Lola Smith

    Why is it that when we claim a free chip, knowing very well that we will not be able to cash out from it, we play it like it is our hard earned deposit? Why don't we just play the free play option that most casinos offer along with their real money play? For me, there is some kind of rush that I get playing with real money opposed to playing fun money.

    I have burned my bridges at many, many online casinos by claiming multiple free chips in a row. We all know that this practice will certainly disallow any cash out if we happen to hit it big on a free chip. Most online casinos have this clearly stated in their terms and conditions. There are a few casinos that are generous and allow us gamblers to claim multiple freebies in a row, although they are rare.

    I wonder if there are other gamblers who do and feel the same as I do? Do other gamblers feel that there is a bigger rush to playing a free chip knowing they cannot cash out from it then playing fun money? I have played with fun money at times only to test a slot and sometimes, as a very last resort, to cure my gambling DT's but there is absolutely no rush for me playing fun money. If this is the case regarding fun money, I just cannot figure out why free chip after free chip free play is a thrill for me. Fun money and free chips are the same thing when terms have been broken.

    Who agrees with me?
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