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Why Rescue Pets Are the Best Breed

Discussion in 'MODS CORNER' started by Sookie, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Sookie

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    Why Rescue Pets Are the Best Breed
    By Christina Applebaum

    Here are several reasons why you should adopt your next pet.

    1. You are saving a life.

    The number of animals "put to sleep" every year could be reduced greatly if people adopted pets instead of buying them.

    2. They are good for your health.

    It has been medically proven that animals can help lower a person's blood pressure and cholesterol and walking a dog is great exercise that both you and the dog will benefit from.

    3. You get a healthy pet.

    Shelters examine, vaccinate, and spay or neuter animals before allowing them to be adopted be adopted.

    4. They don't deserve to be there.

    It is a myth that animals end up in shelters because they've done something wrong or there is something wrong with them. Most animals are left at shelters for human reasons, moving, break- ups, allergies. Usually it is not the animals fault.

    5. They are eternally grateful.

    They understand that there situation has greatly improved when you take them home from that of the shelter and they will show joy and gratitude.

    6. It makes YOU feel good.

    Be proud that you have changed an animals life by giving them a much needed chance and the love that they deserve. That's love they will give back to you every day of their new life.
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