May 24, 2013

How to Decide Your Spending Limit and Stick to It

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy online gaming it’s probably because of the excitement of betting, winning, and interacting with online buddies. Strategy is also a big part of playing table games and slots, but so is deciding upon a spending limit and sticking to it—here are some ideas to help.

Set a Reasonable Limit

How to set an online casino spending limit and stick to it

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With online casinos, just like real casinos, it’s easy to hop from one game to another so you can set a budget in a couple of ways:

  1. One-game budget – If you plan on playing online slots or a table game only, set a limit and stick to it. Say the limit is $100—once you’ve spend that amount, stop gameplay. Try not to go “over.” For example if you spend $98, that’s close enough to your limit.
  2. Multiple gameplay – You can also take that same $100 and split it between the games you want to play in one setting. Dedicate $50 to slots and $50 to roulette—determine the games and budget split before you begin.

Time Limits

Set time limits when playing in online casinos

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Another way to help you stick to your spending limit is to determine the amount of time you will play at each sitting. Online casino play can be fast-paced or slower depending on how you bet and the games you play.

Choose favorite games that typically take longer to play and then set your time limit—say one hour—and when the hour is up, end gameplay.

Sound aids are good tools for time limits. Use an egg timer, microwave timer, a Google alert, or your smartphone to inform you when you’ve reached your time limit.

Ask for Social Reminders

Ask for social reminders

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One of the best features of online casino gaming is making new online buddies who love the atmosphere and games as much as you do. Once you develop friendships, ask for aid when playing online.

Tell your online gaming buddy your limit for the sitting is $100 and to “remind” you when you’re close to that limit. Of course this works best when friends are at the same table with you. Or, keep in touch with casino chat if playing at different tables.

Bonus Chips

It’s pretty easy to set a money limit and then once you spend it, leave the game or casino, but if you have casino bonus chips, it can be tempting to utilize them once you’ve reached your spending limit.

Commit to using only half of your bonus chips and bank the rest. This can be attractive with some no deposit casinos because once you’ve wagered the required amount bonus chips are easily accessed and utilized to continue gameplay—just make sure you stick to half, or the amount of bonus chips you’ll use to place bets.

Always Play When Alert

Always play when you're alert and awake

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When you’re tired, it can be easy to play just “one more hand.” Never play when you’re tired as our minds tend not to be as clear when sleepy.

A benefit to this ideas is when you are alert, chances are you’ll have more fun and enjoy gameplay on a higher level.

Using some of these ideas to set a budget and sticking to it ensures your time online will be rewarding and if you stick to your limits, you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment.