August 12, 2015

How to Develop a Winning Mentality

Developing a winning mentality is something that can be important throughout someone’s entire lifetime. Many people might think that they have a winner’s mentality when in actuality they are only confident. There are some particular things that one can do to help develop an attitude of those who win on a consistent basis. The following are just a few things that can help you get into a winning mindset next time you are playing a sport or sitting down for a game of poker.

Put Your Foot Down And Make A Decision To Be A Winner

First you need to make a definitive decision to that you’re going to win, and win all the time. It sounds easier than it really is, conquering self doubt and working self esteem is a very tough thing to do and is something many people struggle with.  It’s easy to have negative thoughts creep their way into your mind, the goal is crush and completely ignore these thoughts, erase them from your mind.

In order to have a winning mentality, you need to have the positivity and confidence to you know you’re going to win. But of course, changing your mindset to a positive, winning one, won’t automatically make you start winning everything all at once. The confidence that you build  in your mind will, gradually bring more wins. Making the decision to think positive and like a winner is your first step.

Take Risks And Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Risks and failure are scary. However with great risks come either great reward or great failure. Don’t think of these as failures though, they’re learning advancements. It’s what you have to do to make the right adjustments, so the next time you take a risk, you have a better chance of coming out a winner. The biggest winners in the world have failed a countless amount of times. If your business fails, learn what and why it failed, make the adjustments, learn from your mistakes and try again. You must fail to become a winner, the differences between losers and winners, is that winner learn, get back up and don’t quit.

Get Rid Of Negative Influences

Negative energy can be detrimental to a person’s life in many ways. Negative influences are the main culprit when it comes to people not having control of their life and leaving what happens to them up to chance even when they can control the outcome. Negative influences can come in the form of people who do not believe in you or respect you. These are not always the easiest to spot, some negative influences, especially people, may have been around your entire life. Asking the people to stop being negative is an easy fix but if they do not abide by this then cutting them out of your life might be the only option.

Find A Mentor

Having someone help you change your mentality not only is a good support system but can also be great motivation. Pick a mentor with a positive outlook, perhaps one that had made the transition from a losing mentality to a winning mentality, as you’ll learn from their experiences. Find someone you admire and respect for the positive and confident outlook in life. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, family member or someone you seek out, being able to trust and confide in them is an important characteristic for them to have.

Staying confident in yourself and believing in yourself is the core of all of these tips and is crucial to becoming a winner. This may not be the handbook to developing a winning mentality, but it’s a great place to start when trying to make a change. What are some tips that you think should be on the list?