July 2, 2018

Adventures Abroad: Why You Should Travel By Ferry Boat

If you are planning a trip abroad and wish to visit several countries, traveling by ferry can be a fun alternative to hectic airplane or train travel. Modern European ferries offer many amenities that won’t be found in other modes of travel and can be a fun and efficient way to see and experience Europe. Here are a few reasons that traveling by ferry can make for a memorable adventure.

You Have SpaceĀ 

Most ferries allow you to move around on the upper decks. When traveling by train, you have limited space to wander, and by plane, you are stuck in your seat. Car/passenger ferries allow you to walk around and get fresh air and exercise while you are traveling. Not only is this healthier than just sitting, but it is also a great way to see the sights. If you have children, they will be able to move around instead of fidgeting in their seats!

As there are no baggage restrictions, traveling by ferry is a great option if you have kids with you or have large items such as surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, golf clubs, or deep-sea fishing poles.

You Can Stay Overnight on the Ferry

Many ferries travel overnight to their destinations. You can generally find a ferry that has sleeping berths or small cabins with private baths and showers for rent. Ferries often have nice little restaurants or cafes as well as bars. If you are traveling with children, booking a cabin can be a great way to keep them in check with a place for naps and their own bathroom.

Loads of Entertainment and Onboard Casinos

Ferries have entertainment that can help pass the time on an otherwise long journey. Many ferry boats have live shows, cinemas, and onboard casinos. You can try your hand at poker, spin a roulette wheel, or enjoy video poker and slot machines. Casino styles vary from ferry to ferry, so choose one that fits your preference. From Vegas-style casinos with lots of bright lights to sophisticated and elegant Monaco-style gambling, there are plenty of options for onboard casinos.

Ferry Boats are Affordable

Traveling by ferry boat can be an affordable option as opposed to train or air travel, especially when traveling with kids or in a large group. Basic ticket costs are lower, and if you wish to be frugal, you can bring your own food and drink. By booking an overnight ferry, you can save on hotel costs while traveling to various destinations.

See Beautiful Coastlines and Islands

While traveling by train throughout Europe can be quick, the scenery often zooms by too fast. When you are on a ferry boat, you can see islands, gorgeous coastlines, rugged fjords, and dolphins playing in the water nearby. Ferries are great for hopping on and off at scenic waterfront destinations.

Cruising the Mediterranean by ferry can take you to exotic locations such as Morocco, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece. Cruise through the ancient waterways of the Bosphorus StraitĀ to the city of Istanbul. Visit the southern coast of France and even stop for an evening of casino life in the gorgeous city of Monaco. Cross the English Channel from the UK to France, or head across the Irish Sea to Dublin. With so many routes and crossings available, you will see so much of Europe riding on a ferry.

Traveling by ferry boat is a fantastic way to experience life on the water and to visit historical and gorgeous ports of call. They can be an affordable way to travel from country to country while experiencing a nostalgic mode of travel. Choose a ferry that has plenty of entertainment and your adventure aboard the boat will be fun, social, and extremely memorable.