July 3, 2018

Baby Shower Power – 3 Games for Gender Reveal Parties

When you’re expecting, one of the first things your loved ones want to know is “is it a boy or a girl?” You can answer all their questions at once (and save your sanity) by inviting all your curious friends and family to a fun gender reveal party.

A gender reveal party offers a playful opportunity to raise the stakes with a few fun games. Keep your guests engaged with betting games and prizes, or put a gender reveal spin on classic baby shower games. With a little imagination and a dash of blue and pink, you’ll have an original gender reveal party that guests of all genders will find memorable and fun.

Gender Reveal Sweepstakes

A classic sweepstakes or ballot game is one of the easiest betting games you can play at a gender reveal party because all you really need is a fishbowl, some paper, and some pens. You could print out cards with a baby on the front and let your guests color in an assigned gender color, their projection of pink for girls or blue for boys. To enter, they can drop it into a fishbowl or even one or more baby bottles.

To determine a winner or winners, tally up all the responses and see how many of your guests were right. Optionally, you can give each of them a small prize, like a gift card to a coffee shop. Raise the stakes further when you pick a grand prize winner from the group of correct guesses. Give them a tangible prize, or even a tongue-in-cheek prize that will have guests laughing, like first dibs on free babysitting for parents’ night out.

Gender Roulette

Get creative with a casino theme gender reveal party. Give guests a certain amount of chips to play in their choice of pink or blue. Classic card games such as poker and blackjack are easy to set up, simply requiring a few decks of cards.

You can bring a new spin to the game night theme with a game of gender reveal roulette. Take an old roulette table or pick up an inexpensive one from a party supply store. Cover all the squares in pink or blue. Let party guests place their bets on their favorite number in the gender color of their choice. At the end of the evening, after you’ve revealed the gender of the baby, the player holding the most chips in the correct color wins a prize.

Play for Keeps

If you’d like to heighten the drama and get a head start on baby’s college fund. Invite your guests to play the game of your choice, such as corn hole or rock, paper, scissors, or make it memorable with a high stakes battle of the sexes.

Guests will have even more fun when you raise the stakes by betting real money. The loser of each round must contribute a dollar, inserted into a gift-wrapped cardboard box, decorated beneath with the gender color of the baby, either pink or blue. After you’ve gone through several rounds and determined an overall winner, uncover the box to reveal the baby’s gender.

Split the game proceeds, with 50 percent going to the game winner and 50 percent going to baby’s college (or diaper) fund! Be aware that most people don’t carry cash these days, so plan ahead and bring dollar bills for everyone to play. Grandmas, grandpas, and extended family can chip in as part of the party planning, or you can substitute pretend “baby-bucks” that the winner can exchange for a fun gift basket at the end of the game.

Anticipation is infectious at a well-planned gender reveal party, especially when you incorporate fun betting games. With these interactive gender reveal party activities, guests will be just as excited as parents-to-be, anxious to discover whether a little boy or a little girl is on the way.