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Closed 12 Days of Christmas - Day 9 - December 19th, 2019


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12 Days of Christmas - Day 9


Answer The Riddle!

"What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?"

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Terms and Conditions
1. Participate in today's activity.
2. NDF staff will choose a random winner.
3. The winner will be announced the following morning.
4. Friday's winner will be announced on Monday morning.
5. The next day's activity will be opened for members as soon as the prior day's winner has been announced.
6. Members may enter every day UNLESS they have won a prize on a prior day. One prize per member only.
7. Prizes are paid out via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.
8. ALL winners will be paid by St Nick on December 27th or shortly thereafter.


The letter D but this year, no mom, she died in accident tin September at 92, and my brother's car was totaled. Even though she had dementia, she was healthier than him and I. We miss her so much She was The Best
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:bigclap: Congratulations, bridgetlynn :bigclap:
Check your PM's.​

:banana: You are yesterday's winner!​

Enjoy your FREE MONEY! :dollarsign:

PS - Feel free to participate in the other day's activities, but know​
there will be no prize involved UNLESS you are the only participant​
This applies to ALL future winners.​
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The answer is ...

The letter 'D'.

There are no other months that have the letter 'D' in their name.
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My condolences, @helwin. Although it'll be hard to, I hope you and your family find some Christmas cheer this year.
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