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130.00 no deposit required poker bonus


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Sorry NO USA All new <a href="http://www.pokerroomschool.com/?m=belgamo&amp;lang=en">POKERROOMSCHOOL.COM</a> /<a href="http://www.pokerroomschool.com/?m=belgamo&lang=en"><img width="468" src="http://cachewww.cpays.com/markettool/new_tools/pokerroomschool/english/130/bnr/468x60/468X60_PRS_newlogo_english2_06.gif" alt="468X60_PRS_newlogo_english2_06.gif" height="60"></a>  <ol> Registration process Once you sign up and complete the registration process you will automatically own not only a PokerRoomSchool account but a CDPoker account as well, no further registration required! <a title="two"></a>Now all you have to do is take our poker quiz and receive your $130 starting money!!You will get the $130 as a gift from Poker Room School. You are in no way legally or financially bound by it. Please allow up to 72 hours for the bonuses to be credited into your CDPoker account. Why a quiz?The point of the quiz is to better prepare you for the real money tables and to make sure you don't blow your starting money away. The quiz deals with questions from our Poker School section; therefore before you take the Poker quiz, we recommend you sharpen your poker skills at our friendly Poker School. Shortly after the quiz has been completed an e-mail informing you if you have passed or failed the quiz will be sent to your e-mail address. Keep in mind, if you do not pass the quiz on your first try, you can always take a second shot at it. Dont forget, once you pass our Poker Quiz successfully, CDPoker will immediately attempt to call you. In order to credit you with your free $130 starting money they must validate your registered phone number. Keep in mind, the phone call will be in English. This process is required only once. Start playing with your $30 and get the extra $100 bonus Download the free CDPoker software and start playing with your $130 starting money! In order to minimize your risk and maximize your reward we recommend you to play with your new poker skills on our friendly, ultra-low limit beginners' tables, just to make sure you don't blow your $30 starting money. This will help you not lose your money and at you make it to your extra $100 bonus. After you earn the required amount of CDPoints you will get your final $100 bonus. With an education from Poker Room School, a lot of patience, and some ambition it shouldnt be a problem. Note: the $30 CDPoker account opening bonus is only for members who have not already received starting money on CDPoker or hold an old CDPoker account, and only after they complete the quiz. If you have not received a phone call within 72 hours from submitting the Poker Quiz, please email <a href="mailto:support@pokerroomschool.com" class="more">support@pokerroomschool.com </a> Please note - each player is entitled to receive the $30 starting money only once, giving the data that has been submitted is complete and correct. </ol> LINK- <a href="http://www.pokerroomschool.com/?m=belgamo&amp;lang=en">POKERROOMSCHOOL.COM</a> -- Edited by belgamo at 14:46, 2007-07-19-- Edited by ahtram88 at 15:12, 2007-07-19
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Deb....And it is going down hill fast! Our country went from being universally revered &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;to hated by even our allies......We can't even educate our children or feed our retired citizens... and neither one has a chance if they get sick and are not rich ........which is most of us.ahtram88 -- Edited by ahtram88 at 16:57, 2007-07-19
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and with a dummy like bush running ur country and mainly the free world, u and we all dont have much of a chance as honestly,he is not the sharpest tool in the shed yet he is numero uno in the free world,bbbbbbrrrrrrrrr,sends shivers up my spine,michael moore maybe right with his doco's,grazza7777,,,aussie thunder from downunder..

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