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Closed 1st time player won 1900 at winpalace

Discussion in 'POSITIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES' started by Tarajean118, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Tarajean118

    Tarajean118 NEW MEMBER

    I deposited 100 got 300 bonus. Met playthrouh and is cashing out at1900!! Already got first installment of 500. Time to get it is long. But I can be patient!!!
  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations Tarajean! I'm sooo excited for you! WTG! :bigclap:
  3. stpowe6854

    stpowe6854 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Congratulations!I was starting to wonder if anyone will ever win at WinPalace again and contemplated uninstalling them and staying away - but they are the one that I keep returning to. I guess I just have a feeling that one day it is going to happen... (fingers crossed)I'm happy you won, especially on your first try!!! :)
  4. Tarajean118

    Tarajean118 NEW MEMBER

    When I go to a land casino I usually play pennies. Here. I was betting 5 dollars a hand. I think that is the way to go. Im ashamed to say that I actualt got valance up to 6 k lol but didn't think it was real so played it down. It is possible to win. I did good too on the fixed dollar bet. Happy golden ox of happiness. Dont give up and good luck to u
  5. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    All I can say is   Way to Go Tarajean118.  I am thrilled for you. :bigclap:What an awesome experience you have had.                                                                    Pam
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