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5 Ways Casinos Keep You Gambling

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by omeg, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    5 Ways Casinos Keep You Gambling</h1>July 19, 2008 Maintaining high rates of customer retention and loyalty is far more valuable to casinos over time than the occasional player who might come in and play a few big hands. This is no secret and the casinos work extremely hard to ensure that there are as little reasons as possible to make you want to get up from your seat and hit the door. Below are ten widely known and used methods that casinos use to help keep their patrons gambling rather then heading out of the casino. 1. Free Booze is an obvious benefit that is well liked by casino patrons and a great investment for the casinos. Since you actually need to be playing in order to get booze for free, this is a good method by which to keep you at the tables when you want a frosty drink but dont want to foot the bill. The funny thing is, most players will end up paying between 10-100 times the actual value of the drink, but appearances are everything. 2. Oxygen rich air is not a myth and has been used by casinos for decades to keep their players alert and hearts racing while they are in the casinos. The more oxygen, the less likely the players are to become tired and the more likely they are to continue gambling, good job guys! 3. One of the more unknown tactics that many casinos have employed to keep you on the premise is the use of carpeting. The carpeting in most casinos will have intricate designs that while not naked to the human eye lead you throughout the gaming floor and to areas of high game concentrations rather than the door. 4. No clocks is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but is still an extremely effective strategy and keeping players inside. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. 5. Another major incentive used by casinos for customer retention is the use of comps or complimentary gifts that the casino will extend to its loyal players including everything from straight cash to free flights, accommodations and tickets to VIP events. Once again, in most cases you get what you pay for (or in this case gamble for) and the majority of big comps are always given to losers who have lost much more than the actual comp value.There you have it, 5 known strategies that casinos use to keep their players active and keep leaving completely off their minds. Next time you visit a casino, check out some of the tactics outlined above and you will see how effectively the casinos have implemented these strategies to boost retention and skyrocket profits. Written by Gambling News I heard that the oxygen one was a bogus myth.  I mean with all the people smoking? How could you pump oxygen into the place without a serious risk to safety. [​IMG]I question the carpeting one too.  I'd be just as happy to stay there if the floors were bare wood, tile, concrete, (or even dirt.) [​IMG]I always have a watch on when I go to the casino, and look at it frequently (to see if it is time for my free money to come.) [​IMG]The free drinks thingy is likely true.   I suppose folks sit and sip free drinks and play minimum bet just to enjoy the refreshments.   As a side note, my local casino only gives away soda and coffee, and the coffee is anything but a reason to stay. [​IMG]Last but not least, I think they are right when they talk about comp points.  Those comp points add up quick, and I have gotten everything from free food,  tshirts, free rooms, concert tickets, etc etc.  Yet again, I'd still play the games without the comp points.  They are just like a bonus.  [​IMG]What do the rest of you think about this article?                                                                                                    Pam
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    Where are the windows? Have you noticed there are no windows at the casinos either? "
    I guess the casino owners feel that way you can't see that you walked in during the middle of the day and the next thing you know, your looking at the stars while gazing out. lol Looking at the stars literally when your better half pops you on the back of your head asking where you been all day and night. (disclaimer: that was a funny and I don't condone violence at all!)

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