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50.00 free from casino rewards


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 Recieved a scratch off christmas card in the mail from casino rewards, was a 50.00 winner.
Thank you casino rewards!
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Way to go ! Always glad to see someone win ! I hope there are more for you ! Please take care and may God bless !


Congradulations.......I hope I get one!!!!
Note :
I have a Google WEB Alert set to send me info. once a day on new posts "no-deposit casino" on WWW. I got my alerts for today. Check out the top post...second link ..took me right here. Pretty cool lol. -ahtram
<U>It just crossed my mind you might not want all these links on you board.....I will leave it here and come back and erase it ....if you haven't looked at it yet. </U></STRONG>
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<FONT size=+1>Google Web Alert for: <B>no deposit casino bonus</B></FONT>-- Edited by ahtram88 at 23:27, 2006-12-21
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