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hello, dont know if in right place but just wanted to share experiencewith AC Casino-i deposited twice(bonus included)-i had $150-theyoffered $67 free bonus-ok-they took my $150 & gave me lousy $67.at Pamper Casino i have deposited many times-when offer of free bonusit is always ADDED to whatever monies i may already have. also atother casinos if playing from deposit $ and no deposit free bonus isoffered-it has stated that if i continue with free bonus i will loseanything already there-thats fine. i contacted AC 5 different timesand just now recd answer. actually recd 2 emails, 1st one sent wassurvey for me to fill out about ACs response to my email(s)! they didnot even address my request to return my $150 and remove lousy $67.and of course, my balance is $67. i will never ever go there again-theycan take the $67 and shove it where the sun doesnt shine-i am on amission to tell anyone that will listen how sneaky and deceitful they are.i wonder how many others have lost their deposit money this way. mostly,it is obvious that they dont care about their members. STAY CLEAR!thanks for listening-1 forum down-tons to go-lol.


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Let me see if I understand what happened, nq4bnu.You deposited $150 at AC and had that in your balance. Then you claimed the free $67 that they had offered in the free codes while you still had the $150 in your balance. And when you did that, expecting to see $217 in your balance, you ended up with just the $67?You have done the same thing at Pamper but it states that if you claim the free money, then you will lose your balance and you were ok with that?So is the issue here that AC didn't state what Pamper stated and if they had, you would not have taken the free $67 in the first place?


hi mbenthanks for your quick reponse-sry probably not real clear due to blood pressure rising from what happened! i deposited $25 twice at AC-which included a deposit bonus-i had $150 in it when this happened.  at pamper-where i have deposited many times-if and when offered a nd bonus from them it was added to my balance. i had made deposit at a casino-don't remember which one now-and had made some $-i remember a nd bonus offered and when i went to claim message came up and told me if i claimed it would remove existing balance-which is fine.  i (stupidly) assumed that AC would do what Pamper had done which was to add the nd bonus offer to balance in my account-not remove it and put in nd bonus-had AC stated it would remove any existing monies i wouldn't of claimed $67. i am extremely upset about having to contact AC 4 times and not until the 5th did i get a response-which offered little info. they didn't care nor did i feel they responded in an appropriate business like way. further, when they did respond (today) it was with 2 emails-the first one sent was a survey for me to return rating their service-the 2nd sent was in answer(sort of) to my complaint. 
again, thanks for your quick response-i apologize for not being real clear-i have had some coffee now and feel i am a little more with it!! 
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This morning I wanted to access my account was blocked and the reason nobody could explain, I guess was that use their free chips lately, but who really wants to play in a casino where the prizes are very poor, foolish enough to bond 2000% ay the few games that most casino always wins. deposit it only once, and lost. and there never made me want to throw my money.

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