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Bellavegas casino 100free


I got this in the mail, I think you are suppose to download there software and not through asite but it did work for me finally. I had trouble but after a few weeks the code finally worked and it has for another friend too.After you download or go to your site, click on the box on your left side that says e-magazine voucher, put in the code and your email address, which should be your sign on.The code is 115957742930, if it doesnt work, i can email you a copy of this voucher and you can email customer support and ask why it doesnt work and you got it in the mail if you want.But it is good for 100.00, i hope for you too. This is a microgaming casino. I  do know that we do have this link on our home page.I attached the copy of the voucher below. good luck guys.V-- Edited by virgie at 11:58, 2008-01-09-- Edited by Micheleben5 at 15:45, 2008-01-09
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I tried your code virgie and this is what I got..................An Error Has Occurred! Unfortunately your Bonus Redemption was unsuccessful.We notice the reason for this was:This voucher has already been claimed. Please try again or contact our customer service team for assistance.This may have also been caused by any of the following reasons:Your e-mail address has already been usedThis voucher number has already been usedYour account number is not eligible for this promotionThis voucher number is incorrectPlease try again or contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.Darn !!!
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sorry i hoped it worked for others, maybe there is a limit, because myself and a friend was able to use it. It did work for me at first, i did have to email them and ask why not gave them the number and i finally cked  the number again today and it finally worked. I would say maybe what a day or so, maybe it is only one per person. I just thought i would share it incase it did work.sorry guys, i hope it did work.

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