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Bet Phoenix Is Not where I'd Place My Bets!!!

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by miztrentini, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. miztrentini

    miztrentini MEMBER

    [​IMG] i recently had a very bad experience with Betphoenix. I deposited there for the first time and took a deposit bonus. i contacted support to see if i completed the play throught which i had. So i send off my documents to request a withdrawl. In the mean time i started playing some slot games and while playing derby dollars i won the random jackpot. i was so stoked i was screaming and jumping up and down . well to make a long story short i can't cash out the jackpot because of the bonus and the manager i talked to was very rude. He talked over me and when i i asked him how could he listen to me if he was talking over me he replied don't tell me what to do! I looked in the terms and conditions for the bonus and nowhere does it mention anything about not being able to cashout random jackpot winnings when taking a bonus. you can't play progressive but this was a JackPot What a coincidence that they claim i am not eligable. So i win this and they don't have to pay anyone. They might just be keeping this for themselves, i don't know. This just sucks! My boyfriend just lost his job. I have 2 children in diapers this money could have really helped out my family. I won't be depositing there any time soon! Or anywhere else as a matter of fact. Atleast i have my freeroll tournaments to look forward to. :) Thankyou Nodeposit forum!!!
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  2. 13mar13


    Really so sorry!!!! Perhaps Mben Cat or Belgamo can help you. Or Nicolas too. Hope you can find a solution.
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    miztrentini, I am very sorry this happened to you also. Winning a RJ should be a rewarding experience and not a downer as it seems to be for you."
    You state that you requested a withdrawal after making playthrough AND then continued playing? What were you playing with? "
    Anyway, the bonus you were playing on had a max cashout of 10 times the deposit (I believe, the deposit only) and when you hit the RJ you were playing on bonus money. If this is not the case, let me know. "
    Unfortunately, this is the downfall of claiming bonuses with max cash outs. Sometimes we set ourselves up for heartache when we claim them.
  4. yayaya

    yayaya NEW MEMBER

    Ouch, that bites! I've 'won' two random jackpots on max cashout coupons so I very rarely take that kind of code any more.Your report is really surprising as I would put BetPhoenix customer service on par with the best, at least that has been my experience.As suggested before it might behoove you to contact Nic Johnson. I would think it fair to pay you if you had already met wagering..  inetbet would pay you.Personally I'm impressed with BPhoenix and they'll be getting a lot more of my deposits. Omar on live chat is remarkably good at his job imexperience
  5. yayaya

    yayaya NEW MEMBER

    If it doesn't work out you can probably still play through all the money to build comp points if nothing else ;) good luck!
  6. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Doesn't surprise me at all. I know they ripped me off, and the other tourney players that only got second place or below winnings. I feel bad aout all of us since BP let me play my bonus money on the tourney and then said it was their mistake and took it away from me. Those below me shoulda been bumped up on their winnings!"
  7. cat034

    cat034 KITTY CAT 034

    i won 1.75 on the slot tourny on sat still not credited (not a lot)also i registered for some tournys cant get in i dont know whats going on i will call today their customer support is awesome and im sorry some are having problems their i hope it gets resolved gl all[​IMG]
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  8. givennsz

    givennsz BINGO MOMMA

    What everyone has to do is go to live help and they are more than happy to credit the account. There is some problems with the software crediting the accounts.
  9. Last month I won $75 dollars on the funny caption contest, as I did not post my username I contacted Live support and duly got an email address to which I posted a short email to describing what had happened, that was weeks ago and I still have yet to receive a reply, even it was to late or whatever, being completely ignored is not the way to treat people, completely removing what little faith I had in RTG casinos /sigh.
  10. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I will not deposit there. I won a few $ on the free tourney so decided to play the buy in's..to make a long story short i was up $700 which playing slots also and decided to cashout..well went back to check and see if approved and it said manager withdraw approved..i checked my email and got a not approved withdraw because reason was that i was not supposed to get that promotion..what promotion?? i sent email telling them i have not used a promotion i won a few $ on the free tourney and went from there and won all that money...i feel ripped off and if theres something i have done wrong then please let me know so i can fix it...i have not heard anything from them...i went back to my account today and just won another $38 in a tourney..i better go play it before they take that to...don't know what i did here but i know i wont deposit here..
  11. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    We all have to remember that if we are claiming free chips and playing free tournaments with no deposits at all, Bet Phoenix will not honor the cashout. Read the terms and conditions. "
    Connie, have you deposited at BP before? "
    And was your tourney play right after using a free chip? If so, the winnings you built up using the money you won from a free tourney is like trying to cashout on a second free chip in a row. "
    I'm just throwing stuff out there and trying not to assume anything, connie.
  12. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    It is so important  for all of us to always read all the terms and conditions when we are playing. Whether we are playing a free chip, or take a depsoit bonus perhaps,  it all has terms and conditions we must follow in order to comply to get paid. I do just hate to read sad stories like this.                                                                                            Pam
  13. MommyMachine

    MommyMachine A Mommy Machine

    I don't know all of the details, but I can say that this is an honest casino, and perhaps you cannot use freeroll winnings for buy-in tourneys. Like the girls said above, read the terms and conditions, and when in doubt always ask customer service."
    Good luck to you.
  14. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    well I did get a email back and guess i did a boo boo and the manager explained to me why i couldn't cashout....i will deposit there and soon as the tournies are nice to me...sorry for disrespecting this casino and will play there again..will let you know if i ever cashout there...
  15. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I'm glad the casino got back to you Connie. Can I ask what the boo boo was? So that way maybe we can all avoid making the same mistake. If you would rather not say, that's perfectly fine too. I will understand. [​IMG] 
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  16. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I'm glad the casino got back to you Connie. Can I ask what the boo boo was? That way maybe we all can avoid making the same mistake. If you would rather not say, that's perfectly fine too. I will understand. [​IMG]  
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  17. conniecb66

    conniecb66 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    yes...I did use the free money from the tourny to win at the buy in ones...you were right and I miss read the terms...but now I know and will never do that again....
  18. cat034

    cat034 KITTY CAT 034

    gl guys one suggestion (always go with your instincts)remember its your money and ebven if your decision is not the most popular it doesnt matter do whats right for you happy spinning

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