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birthday chips

Discussion in 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIFTS' started by stallions, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. stallions

    stallions WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Lets see slottastic 25  grandevegas 10  luckyclub 10 jackpot capital 50 vegas regal 50  silver dollar 30  intertops poker 2 gold chips  rich reels only micro gave me 20 free spins went to all my accounts none would give me a free birthday and they are the ones i play the most pissed me off ....
  2. stallions

    stallions WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Sorry just checked red flush and they gave me 10
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Congrats on the freebies you did receive. Were you able to do anything with any of them? I had to chuckle at the darn fact the places you deposit the most , give you squat when your birthday comes around, or even Christmas time. ( Platinum Play gave me $10 and it was like pulling teeth. )Happy Late Birthday.........[​IMG] And thanks for the post.  [​IMG]                                                                                       Pam 
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  4. nalgenie

    nalgenie NEW MEMBER

    my birthdays next week, so getting prepared..hehejust wondering, did you have to ask rich reels for the spins, or did they give them to you?
  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    stallions, I don't know how I missed your bday post. [​IMG] HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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  6. jslotted71

    jslotted71 NEW MEMBER

    My birthday is Friday the 14th and Im going to email every casino I know and ask for a birthday chip![​IMG][​IMG] Every year I get so many I cant even keep track[​IMG]
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  7. nalgenie

    nalgenie NEW MEMBER

    Thanks for the nice word Pam...I had lost my password, and have not been around.Not really gambling much, and very surprised at how good I did this year on my chips.I did a lot of homework this year, so I would make sure I got a few chips...since they are not in such a given mood this year, But I must say...it really was not much different than last year.  I got around the same.  Little over $500.  nice presents...could do without all this snow though...[​IMG]  I was surprised at some of the ones the I am a REGULAR depositor at, and it shows RIGHT ON THERE  ad, as parts of the loyalties,the betonsoft casinos.  Mandarin Palace, and Grand Eagle in particular.they both gave me some crap story that they are still under construction, when this has been going on for sometime from my understanding.  There is also nowhere on there site that reflects this underconstruction buil...but, what ever.  Makes me rethink my whole depositing attitude...let me tell you that...So here it goes:pantasia-$10Lucky Club Casino-$10Cocoa Casino-$10Mayan Fortune-$10Irish Luck-10Fortune Reel-$10Oasis-$ 20.Cherry Red $20   ( Pure Vegas and Rushmore would have also given $20 if I had a deposit over the year.)Big Dollar-$20Oddsmaker-$20Always Vegas-$25Slots of Fortune-$25 (they said they gave it, although i have yet to see it)Lions Slots-$25AllSlotsUSA who used to be Wildjack for me...who used to be my best...I have presents from them EVERYWHERE...I got a crappy 20 spins on break the bank I had to ask for that landed me .50 centsIntertops- 2 Gold chips for Buy- Ins  for Gold TourneysVegas Regal-$50Jackpot Capitol-$50Free $50 Ticket in BankrollMob.com Weekly DrawGrande Vegas chat mod gave me-$10 when I asked, but said I had an e-mail and that was for $50. which I received this evening.ING Direct Gave me a $100. Birthday bonus to add to my account (Sharebuilders acct)Villento Brands gave me 100,000 loyalty points ($100. in credits)Don't ask me if I won any money...hehebut I had a nice birthday, for a change!  01-11-11
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  8. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Some nice chips!! Happy B-day you!
  9. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Wow Nal, that is quite the motherlode of chips. [​IMG] I know from knowing you a while that you love to spin, and that you have played at many of the places out there. heheMust of taken you a while to spin all them there chips.  What a lot of fun. Im so glad you had a nice birthday.  Thank you so much for letting us know about your b-day chips here at NDF. Dont be a stranger here at the forum.                                                                                         Pam
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  10. nalgenie

    nalgenie NEW MEMBER

    Yeah, it did take a while pam...Villento, and a couple others gave them a couple days early, so I started a little early...then on my birthday, started playing around 3am, and kept playing till my party...stopped only for couple hours, then played again all night."
    I had a blast...but didnt save anything...typical nal...hahahaha."
    well, one i could put some down for a part two, but i do not believe in these..."
    (rivals) they call themselves no deposits.."
    oh well "
    thanks everyone..i tried to edit my first post to thank everyone envolved, but it would not let me edit.."
    have a great day talk to you soon!!

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