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Cashing Out At Club World Casino

Discussion in 'CURRENT CASH OUT AND WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION' started by yogi50401, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. yogi50401

    yogi50401 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Was not sure if I was to post this question here or in the Sticky so I Apologize If  This Is In The Wrong Spot.This Morning I created A brand new account at Club World Casino Using A $10Code That I Seen On This Fine Forum.  The Thread was started by Belgamo. It Recommended the code of TRYUS10I Got Lucky On A Game Called GoldBeard and quickly have eliminated any wagering requirements (I Think)I read the rules that were posted on Belgamo's thread but just want to make sure I am correctly folllowing them.  This is my first time I have ever attempted to collect from an on-line casino.My                        Withdrawable Amt states: $694.24                            Comp Points are at: 12Would these be my next steps to cashing out....     . Deposit $25 Real Dollars Using no Coupon Code      . Got to The Cashier and request my $100Or any of you seasoned experts out there have a smarter way of doing this.I have the following concerns:    (1) How long do I got to get my $25 In                                                                           and get my  $100 out?                                              (2) Do I have to wager that $25 25 times also?I just dont know how to go about doing this the smart way!  Could anyone please advise.  Normally, since I am new to your forum, I would go thru oldsimilar  threads to figure this out.  However, fear of waiting to long and wasting my winnings, made me decide to ask you all quickly.
  2. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    The terms are below, but I will add that the 25.00 deposit does NOT have to be wagered it is for verification purposes. I would advise depositing the same way you wish to withdraw if possible.If you still have concerns email promotions@clubworldcasinos.comI hope this helps. LMK FREE CHIP TERMS: This Free Coupon Bonus is for first time players only.     This Coupon Bonus may not be combined with any other offer.   Offer limited to one player per person / household / address / computer. Wagering Requirements: 25x bonus given          Minimum Deposit required to make a withdrawal on the Free Money given: $25 Maximum Cashout:  $100 Maximum Bonus Given: $10 The casino reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.   EXCLUDED GAMES:  ALL Progressive Games, Blackjack (all versions), Baccarat, Craps, Let 'em Ride, Roulette (all versions), Video Poker (all versions) Sic Bo and War. If wagers are made on any of the prohibited games, all winnings generated will be forfeited.        All other casino terms apply.      If you have any questions regarding this offer, please contact: promotions@clubworldcasinos.com -- Edited by whiskey at 09:08, 2008-07-22
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  3. yogi50401

    yogi50401 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I just got thru chatting with the casinos Live Staff ? I had sent them two Emails with my questions and concerns. They responded to neither of them so I decided to use the Live chat. "
    The woman in live chat a few minutes ago, said I could only withdrawl $50 max on this promotion plus I would have to send in all the proper forms first just to get that. I replied with my (actually your) terms of the promotion. I said Why would I only be able to withdraw $50 instead of $100? I pointed out that the casino terms clearly state that a chip max cashout was ten time the original chip value. In this case $10 X 10 = $100"
    She replied with a bunch of casino mumbo jumbo about betting on progressives, sic pow, ect woud forfeit my entire winnings and the abruptly ended my session! The mumbo juumbl she sent me had nothing to do with what we were chatting about! Clearly if I had violated those terms of the chip, I would not even be allowed to withdrawl $50 that she claiimed! I was going to copy the screens but the abrupt ending of our session did not allow me time."
    Well, from my first experience trying to withdrawl money from an on line casino. With the amount being a rather small amount of $100. I will not send another dime to one again. I have sent SuperSlots lots of money, and Vegas Palms one deposit. Glad I had this experience so as not to enclounter a major jackpot and not get paid."
    I cant believe the resistance to pay out winnings! They would have me jumping thru hoops to get that $100 it would not be worth my time. Why do they need so many documents Just mail me a check to the address that I used when I signed up at their casino. Every business in the world does that even when one forgets a password to an account, they simply EMail you the password to the original EMail address that you registered with. I live about 15 miles from a casino and the only time I had to give them documents is when I hit a jackpot over $1199. Face it, these on line casinos are experts at twisting casino terms and then turning the terms into obsticles in ones path of withdrawing winnings."
    Good luck to all of you fine people, and thanks for your replies Belgamo ! This site is lucky to have you as their Administrator

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