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Casino Vega


I received the following email from Casino Vega: <img height="1" alt="ScreenHunter_544.jpg" width="1" src="http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r125/ahtram88/offers%20casinos/ScreenHunter_544.jpg" />Edited-removed broken picture links~taco~25DEC07 Well wasn't that nice of them..So I went to the Casino and tried to find somewhere to 'pluger in!'You have to do help tickets there{thier Bingo background showing}Took me two of them to get the cold hard facts:The first time they just told me ..you enter it on the deposit page....some casinos have a section in the deposit area for codes.....but I did not see it so then there was the following(that's not the best part yet) <table class="report" cellspacing="1"><th>Date</th><th>Player ID</th><th>Comment</th>Nov 22, 2007 2:14:23 AMEP70Hello, Thank you for contacting support desk. You would enter the promo code on the depositing page when you make a deposit. Thank you and good luck Vega Support CL  Nov 22, 2007 2:03:00 AMCVA350715The Promo code is for a free chip. Where exactly do I put it? Use this promo code below and get $25 bonus! Don t miss out, this is valid today only! Plus, right Now 200 on all funding options! CV1122220725 Thank you for your time. Martha ahtam88    I then was going to send them a help ticket quoting the email and the fact it sounded like a Holiday gift...but when I tried I got this: Service Temporarily Unavailable</h1>The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. I don't think they wanted to talk to me anymore...I probably wasn't the first person to feel like they were waisting my time!-m -- Edited by talkintaco at 08:14, 2007-12-25
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sheesh, so by the time u get help, will the 24hrs be up??? I just tried to login and it said my account was disabled, so pretty sure that means no bonus for me, lol"


received the same but not able to access site at all, get the same maintenance and capacity thing...thought it would be some sort of scam after reading the mail over and over


i seem to get alot of those emails, every week, but it is always attached to a deposit,because the promo coupon is with the deposit, every time I try to put in the promo code it wants money, but the code says it free, i try customer support and always on hold. so I dont every try anymore, I just delete, that is why, I have never posted about my codes I get weekly.

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