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If you were a member before they stopped accepting new USA players you might have some free cash.Betgameday , vip.com and nine.comI had this in all three places today.. LOTS OF SPINNING TO DO !!!Hi belgamo,Welcome back to BetGameDay.com! Enjoy this FREE $ 100.00 in any of our many exciting betting options! Please note that you will be required to accumulate <a>300 Rollover Points </a> before you can request a withdrawal.To learn more on how to accumulate bonus rollover points, <a>click here. </a>Good Luck at BetGameDay.com! You may press one of the buttons below to ACCEPT or DECLINE this bonus.AcceptDecline
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but i dont see country USA. and itry ask chat and u will see this:One of our Representatives will be with you in a moment <img width="5" src="https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hcp/chatinfo/chatinfo.gif" alt="Chat Information" height="10" /> You are now chatting with Judy Judy: Hello, this is Customer Service.  How may I assist you? hermanharianto: hai i from USA can i play there? Judy: No we are sorry to inform you that we no longer allow US residents to sign up with us. -- Edited by tjioehan at 01:11, 2008-02-15
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You had to be signed at up the casinos before they stopped taking NEW USA players, was about a year and a half ago. If you were a member back then they send these goodies every few months.

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