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Chillymellow's Official Awesome List!

Discussion in 'POSITIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCES' started by chillymellow, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I knew I was tired of the same old not-so-great online experiences, but I never thought things would turn around so completely that I had to shout it out loud!

    It takes a lot to make me feel awesome. It really does. I've been kicked around by slow or never responding support staff. I've been bent over and spanked by hidden rules I somehow didn't follow. I've been promised the moon and given "the moon" by a lot of places that are still out there doing the same to others.

    But I am here to say things have changed.

    Right now there are two sites that deserve their places on my awesome list: Raging Bull Casino and Grand Fortune Casino. And I'll start out by saying I hit jackpots at both of these places and couldn't cash out my winnings over $100. Now, normally, I'd be complaining, not handing out compliments. What makes these two sites outstanding and awesome? One, they treated me like a person, not a $. Two, they communicated with me. Actual personal two-way conversations that didn't make me feel suspicious or doubtful. Three, they said what they would do and they actually did what they said. I could go on. Did I mention both sites are awesome?

    You may play there and not win. You may play there and wish you had played differently. You may play there and think, if only I had not used a bonus! But you won't play there and feel like you got suckered in. And you won't play there and be ignored if you have something you need to say or get sorted out. And you just may play there and win and get paid so painlessly and fast that you will be feeling AWESOME!

    Special mention to The Three Stooges II and Double Ya Luck, and special mention to Casino Rep Jason and Casino Banker Dean. If you haven't had a chance to deal with Jason and Dean yet, oh, you are in for a treat.

    I think it's going to take a lot for other sites to make my list, but you know what? I'm giving them a chance and a couple are *almost* there. They have been fair and fun, but that's what they should be, so "awesome" hasn't come into the horizon as of yet. It helps of course if I win and have a happy cashout <wink wink nudge nudge> but winning isn't everything.

    Good job, Raging Bull and Grand Fortune! Good luck to you when you play at these awesome casinos.
  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Thank you so much chilly! This is the stuff we want to hear. I can't wait to deposit at Raging Bull I've been planning on it for a while and now with @JasonFTA a member here on the forum, I know this casino group is going to turn into a fast favorite around here.

    I don't think I've ever heard a single bad word about either casino ;)
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  3. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Glad you won something from them. I didn't win anything with them. I played the freebie at Raging and did the same with Grand Fortune and deposited with them. Wasn't all that impressed! I can see w hy you are though...You got LUCKY and won something!! Congrats to you!
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  4. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I was not at first impressed. Raging Bull was another of those RTGs with a free coupon to try them out and there they sat. But I started noticing the posts and the conversations and I thought they were very responsive. And I made comments and got a free $10 chip, and I won the Three Stooges jackpot and was so excited, but Jason let me down quickly and offered me some hope, like I could still enter tournaments and cash out. Eventually I had to say goodbye to my balance, and had only the $100 win. That cashout was fast and easy. After that I just played with cash, and my second bank wire, over $500, is on it's way to the bank.

    I wasn't impressed at all by Grand Fortune as the software kept giving me popup bonuses and I just didn't like it there, but after Dean and Jason had helped me at Raging Bull, I kept giving them another shot. And then I won the Double Ya Money jackpot there, and was only eligible to cash out $100. I didn't even do the cashout, but kept playing my winnings and made a couple of small coupon free deposits and I have $600 on the way today as well, both handled in seconds by Dean. Like I said, I've been treated like a red-headed step dog after winning and had winnings denied so much it was a joke to even try. I'm glad I kept trying to see what was so great about these sites, because I found out. I hope you find your awesome spot soon, wherever it may be!

    My strategy is simple - cash. Three Stooges. Double ya luck, and I've added in shopping spree II and done pretty darn well at these two sites and am in progress of doing well at a few others. But that's me. I just want the awesome feeling to be the most contagious thing out there. Everyone should catch it!
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  5. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    @chillymellow - Keep the awesome experiences coming, it really does help members decide where to play at and influences whether or not we pursue things like cashback and contests at certain casinos.
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  6. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Awesome info. Other members really appreciate this. Thanks a bunch for the post.
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  7. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I'ts true, other members really do need information like this. While I am a staff member here at NDF I am also a player/member, I too make decisions based on members stories like these. We really do love feedback, I wish more members would tell us about where they are playing and why they choose to play there!
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  8. tami griffin

    tami griffin NEW MEMBER

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  9. tami griffin

    tami griffin NEW MEMBER

    I totally agree. I couldn't have said it better.
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  10. shadrach

    shadrach NEW MEMBER

    I will probably give it a try but i hope they are not those site who always deny winnings for using systems cos i play all my games with strategy and they hate me winning.......................
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  11. milkman


    i'm playing at raging bull as well and have a balance there. I am having the same problems as you chilly on the grand fortune site with the pop ups. i'm having to move around to other casinos because club worlds group of casinos bonus banned me for winning to much I guess, they won't tell me that but that's what I figure. I was depositing at all of their sites. I had to leave jackpot capital because I made a mistake and they voided my winnings at slotastic. I don't play that much at intertops anymore because I have deposited a lot there and see no freebies. I at least like 1 freebie a month if i'm depositing every couple of weeks. so now i'm playing at raging bull and sloto cash. mostly play tourneys at sloto cash. do wish raging bull had more tourneys tho
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  12. tami griffin

    tami griffin NEW MEMBER

    I had the same problem . I have had several rtg casinos cut me off from bonuses after I won.I also like the tournaments, played a lot of slotocash and uptown aces tournaments,I had played there tournaments for 3 or 4 years and really enjoyed them,until I logged in one morning back in Feb.and couldn't get into the tournament lobby I contacted customer support to find out what was going on and there reply by live chat and phone was I was no longer allowed to play the tournaments because I win to much. Well that's because I did all the add-ons, thats what I am trying to do is win, not lose.They told me that the free roll tournaments were like receiving bonuses and that I have won to much off there free roll tournaments.They wouldn't allow me to play the buy-in tournament either.my tournament page has been blank for months. Chat rep.by the name Richard I think was his name told me they can and will do as they see fit,very rude.I only asked him why I wasn't notified instead of being surprised by not being able to get in the tourn lobby.I made a deposit 2 weeks ago just to play slots and they through me a bone and put one tourn. in my lobby to play.I never once took a bonus with my deposit at slotocash or uptown aces.So they will cut you off through tournaments to If you win.
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  13. tami griffin

    tami griffin NEW MEMBER

    I forgot to mention that I also play at raging bull and grande fortune and had nothing but good experience with both casinos.I really feel like I am in good hands with Jason and his crew.I feel personally that its one of the safest and trustworthy places to play.I don't get the pop ups on Grande Fortune.
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  14. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Still awesome! And getting even better all the time.

    Grand Fortune throws a free chip in my cashier like an Easter Egg for me to discover, about once a month if I've been depositing (and not all that large of an amount of deposit either). It's quite a good feeling to see one in there!
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  15. shadrach

    shadrach NEW MEMBER

    big ups
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  16. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Okay though I have been skeptical, I am going to add Grande Vegas to my list. They finally accepted my docs and were sympathetic enough to let me hand write my verification form.

    And I won in a tournament and requested a withdrawal by credit card for only $9 processing as opposed to the hefty wire fee. Money hit my account today. Plus there was an extra buck and a half for some reason so even better.

    On top of that they have been generous by throwing free chips in my account regularly and they always reward depositors. So, they are number three now on my awesome list!
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  17. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Good to know chilly, thanks for telling us ;)
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  18. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    WTG Grande Vegas! :bigclap:

    Enjoy your winnings, chilly! :dollarsign:
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