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Congress Gets Graded - By The Poker Players Alliance


<img align="right" width="150" src="http://www.classicasinos.com/_media//news1/60_ns_picfile_c6c91.jpg" height="121" class="leda-news-view-art-main-img" alt="60_ns_picfile_c6c91.jpg" />Congress Gets Graded - By The PPA </h1>Thursday, October 16, 2008   In a statement released yesterday the Poker Players Alliance announced that it has released a complete ratings guide to the members of Congress. The guide works like a school report card, and grades each Congressperson based on their history of supporting poker rights. The Poker Players Alliance is a grassroots non-profit organisation with around a million registered members who play both traditional and online poker. The organisation functions to further the rights of poker players by lobbying against anti-poker laws and giving their support to legislation that would regulate and license poker playing, and recognise it as a game of skill. The ratings guide was produced after members of the Poker Players Alliance met with almost every member of Congress, attempting to educate them about the real issues at hand, and it reflects the voting history of each Congressperson. The guide even includes members of the Senate. Currently the guide can be viewed by visiting http://www.congressionalpoker.org, a site run by the Alliance. Clicking into the guide is interesting, because the results are stacked by US state, and they reveal just how divided Congress is on this issue, with wildly different grades assigned to Congresspeople inside each state. An A+ indicates someone who champions the cause of poker. A straight A means you've voted in favour of the current pro-poker legislation. You got an A- if you voted against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the controversial anti-online gambling bill. And you get a B if you've been anti-poker in the past but have come round. Lower grades imply you've supported bills that seek to prohibit poker playing, with F- being assigned to those who actively draft anti-poker legislation or campaign to have the game banned. Right now, 164 members are graded B or higher, but at least 258 are D or lower.
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Thanks ohbhave. That is really interesting and good to know. I think I'm a member but shame on me - haven't kept up.

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