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<a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=373"><img width="468" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/468x60/468x60_windows_01.gif" alt="468x60 $300 Free" height="60" title="468x60 $300 Free" /></a> <a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=163"><img width="468" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/468x60/468x60clubpcgaming1.gif" alt="Club Player 750% Bonus 468" height="60" title="Club Player 750% Bonus 468" /></a> <a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=420"><img width="468" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/468x60/468x60checkpoc.gif" alt="468x60 Get $500" height="60" title="468x60 Get $500" /></a> PRIZES1ST-  150.00 FREE CHIP2ND-   60.00  FREE CHIP3RD-   60.00 FREE CHIP PLEASE NOTE -   If your last transaction was a free chip, you will not be eligible for any possible winnings from prizes. If you do not already have an account please click on a sponsors banner above.RULES1- 10.00 minimum deposit to enter, every 10.00 deposited gets you ONE entry.2-  MUST INCLUDE aacount name, date and amount deposited with your post. along with a 4 digit number for every 10.00 deposited.3- Contest closes 6pm EST December 31st .4- May enter from one or all the casinos.5- Winners decided by whoever comes closest to the State of Florida lottery pick 4 number drwn on December 31st, 2007. For lottery results page click here- http://www.flalottery.com/-- Edited by belgamo at 20:06, 2007-12-04
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if you deposit from today, then your last deposit would not be a free chip, is that correct or is it as of today,if  your last deposit was a coupon? i am confused, can you explain it better for me. since this contest is to deposit, should we not be able to deposit after a free chip recently, as we just had a holiday coupon.so, for example, my last deposit was free coupon, but i want to deposit for this contest, i would not be eligible, is that correct?thanks for answering this for me? as i bet alot of people have only used coupon free ones and want to get in on this and would want to deposit, so we dont have any misunderstandings....... again, thanks for answering my questionV


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Real simple answer,   IF YOU WIN one of the three prizes in the contest , you will not be able to win real cash off the contest winning chip, unless the last transaction prior to your contest winning chip being credited is a deposit. So here's what I will do, I will email all prize winners 24 hours prior to submitting details to casino to make a deposit after the contest ends, just in case they redeemed a free chip code right before winning a prize in the contest. If you are still confused virgie or anyone esle PLEASE just PM me or ask in chat box. -- Edited by belgamo at 20:32, 2007-12-04-- Edited by belgamo at 20:39, 2007-12-04

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