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2 winners , 25 .00 fre chip eachStandard casino free chip terms applyMust make a minimum 25.00 deposit from july 1st to july 31th, to any of these casinos- Cirrus casino , Palace of Chance , Cool Cat, or Club player Then post casino deposit was made, amount of deposit and your acct number. Please also pick a number from 000-999 , this will determine the winner. This number will be the State of Florida pick three lottery number on July 31st. Closest to number wins. You get to pick one number for every 25.00 deposited.Cheaters will be banned!If you have not signed up at one of these casinos, please use one of the great free chip offers below. Simply click on the banner to get your coupon code.<a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=69"><img width="125" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/125x125/CIrrus_$25Free_125x125.gif" alt="$25 Free Chip" height="125" title="$25 Free Chip" /></a> <a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=53"><img width="125" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/125x125/CoolCat_LadyCat_125x125.gif" alt="CoolCat Lady" height="125" title="CoolCat Lady" /></a> <a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=25"><img width="125" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/125x125/Club_$65Free_125x125.gif" alt="400%+350%+$65Bonus" height="125" title="400%+350%+$65Bonus" /></a> <a href="http://www.gamblingwages.com/bnrslct.aspx?usrid=1262&ctvid=142"><img width="125" src="http://www.gamblingwages.com/images/125x125/POC_Dreams_125x125.gif" alt="Where Dreams Come True..." height="125" title="Where Dreams Come True..." /></a>GOOD LUCK !!!!-- Edited by belgamo at 13:50, 2007-07-31
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Cirrusaccount# Micheleben5$25.007/3/07Lucky # 527-- Edited by Micheleben5 at 23:36, 2007-07-07


7/6/2007 8:03:49 AM Click2Pay E-Wallet Deposit Requested $25.00 mike&me        #777 cirrus 11-- Edited by belgamo at 11:48, 2007-07-22


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CirrusDeposited $25.00 on 7/15account - Micheleben5Lucky # 685-- Edited by Micheleben5 at 17:24, 2007-07-15-- Edited by Micheleben5 at 17:25, 2007-07-15

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