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Do you remember....

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by ohbhave, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. ohbhave


    This poem put a cheesy grin on my face immediately!  I think many of you might identify with it, as well.  [​IMG] DO YOU REMEMBER THE CLOTHESLINE? A clothesline was a news forecast To neighbors passing by. There were no secrets you could keep When clothes were hung to dry. It also was a friendly link, For neighbors always knew If company had stopped on by To spend a night or two. For then you'd see the fancy sheets And towels upon the line; You'd see the company tablecloths With intricate design. The line announced a baby's birth To folks who lived inside, As brand new infant clothes were hung So carefully with pride. The ages of the children could So readily be known By watching how the sizes changed, You'd know how much they'd grown. It also told when illness struck, As extra sheets were hung; Then nightclothes, and a bathrobe, too, Haphazardly were strung. It said, Gone on vacation now, When lines hung limp and bare It told, We're back! when full lines sagged, With not an inch to spare, But clotheslines now are of the past, For dryers make work less, Now what goes on inside a home Is anybody's guess. I really miss that way of life. It was a friendly sign, When neighbors knew each other best, By what hung on the line! Author Unknown
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  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    And if people still used clotheslines, you could have grabbed a towel off that line to wipe the cheese off your face, ohbhave! LOL XX's and OO's!!!"
    I loved it! It does make you realize how different today is from yesterday!
  3. ohbhave


    LOL... I still use a clotheline!  In fact, I found that poem because I was searching online to buy a clotheline.  You know, the kind that open up like a huge umbrella, kinda.  My grandma had one when I was little, man... I used to get in so much trouble for hanging on it! lol  Anyway, I was shocked that they are so hard to find, not to mention expensive too.  Yep, all my laundry gets hung (no gas hookup & no appliance plug). My house was built in 1941, it even has a little tiny door on the side of the house/kitchen, for the milk man I think, its so damn cute!  My fireplace has a drop door inside the floor for the ashes, then another little door on the outside to remove them.  We don't even have cable, we have one of those old roof antennas sprawled out in the attic, gets great reception though.  And last but not least... wall to wall green shag carpet! lmao-- Edited by ohbhave at 20:25, 2008-09-26

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