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Emailing your veiws on US policy towards online Gambling


Hello-I have read that a lot of Gamblers are emailing Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives)Here is what I have come up with....If I am wrong. Please anyone out there correct me! DOES THIS MAKE MORE SENSE? Nancy Pelosi is The Speaker of The House of Representatives of the United States of America.This means she has been elected by her party (Democrats) to speak for them as a body. The Political Party with the most members in Congress (Right now the 110th Congress) choose her.So she, in this aspect represents them. (Democrats seated in the 110th Congress)But Nancy Pelosi is a member of the House of Representatives for California’s 8th Congressional District.She represents them!In order for her to express your opinions (emails to her) you have to be a citizen of California's 8th Congressional District. (The group of Citizens that voted for her to represent them, and sent her to Congress).California's 8th Congressional District is roughly the City of San Francisco in California State.If you are not from there it would be wrong for her to express your needs or vote on your behalf. She by Congressional courtesy can not even respond to anyone that does not state their place of residence (as California's 8th Congressional District) in correspondences to her. SO MY QUESTION IS ...WHY IS EVERYONE EMAILING HER? If you are a US Citizen you should email your Rep. in Congress. You should also contact both of the Senators from your State.These people are the one's that (as your elected reps) are suppose to vote on Bills on your behalf.ahtram88 -- Edited by ahtram88 at 04:52, 2007-01-27-- Edited by ahtram88 at 04:54, 2007-01-27
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