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Free Chips, Free Spins, Freeroll Tournaments

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by Calig116, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Calig116

    Calig116 MEMBER

    All the same. So if we don't deposit between playing free spins and or free chips and or free slot tourneys, most casinos are considering this multiple free chip redemption. Had to learn this the hard way on a big free spins win the other day, so wanted to warn other people so that they don't face the same kind of crushing disappointment when trying to cash out on a free offer winGot an offer for free money in my email box yesterday, and contacted live chat and went through the whole rundown of have I ever had an account here before? have I ever used a free chip here before , etc. and also made it a point to find out about the free slots tournaments offered by that gaming group. Here is the response:Calig116: I got an offer for a free chip in my email Kim: May I have the coupon code please? Calig116: if I play this chip and I also play your tournament free games Calig116: and I win in one of the free games, does that count as a free chip also? Calig116: multiple redemptions between deposits? Kim: Yes it will be consecutive free chips Calig116: ok. good to know Calig116: thanks for your help tonight  I love playing at casinos online and it saves the hour and a half trip plus daycare to go to the local casinos. I don't mind depositing for the fun. However, the strong-arm tactics at some casinos are a definite turnoff, not to mention the false advertising. Dont offer me something free then tell me I really didn't win due to fine print that isn't even printed. Now I know that if I take advantage of any free chip offer, the next step is to deposit money so that the next time they send me a free offer or I read of one here, I am protected from wasting my time if I win. But that's not really free is it? I have seen offers here where even existing accounts can use some of the free spin offers, etc, but it needs to be noted that the offers aren't free unless you have deposited at that casino if you have used any type of chip there or won in one of their free slot tournaments. MBEN, question please...so I play a free chip, deposit, then play a slot freeroll tournament. Does that mean that we have to deposit again before playing the next slot freeroll tournament? I know you are looking into this, so it would be really helpful to know this.Thanks. 
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, here's the answer. According to the reply from the Silver Oaks rep, if you play a free chip, deposit, enter a freeroll, then enter another freeroll without depositing between the two, it is like playing two free chips in a row. They more than frown upon that, they deny cashouts.  The free roll tournament is considered a no deposit bonus , and no deposit bonuses cannot be used twice in a row. This is in our terms. So if someone was to use a free chip, then go play in a tournament without depositing in between, they would not be allowed to cash out those winnings. It will automatically be removed from their account. Same goes for two regular free chips in a row, any winnings the player may receive will be voided even if play through requirements are met. This is rule our casinos place to avoid bonus abusers.   The winnings from a slot tournament are only cashable if the last cashier action by the player was a real money deposit. So, anything free from a casino whether it is a free chip, free spins or freerolls are considered no deposit bonuses and they come with heavy terms and conditions. The back to back term is the big one. Now there are some RTG casinos that will pay from back to back free chips. The Jackpot Capital group I believe, iNetBet (but they have put terms on their free chips like you must have deposited within 30 or say 60 days prior to claiming the free chip to be able to cashout. Meaning you can play 2 back to back free chips as long as you have made deposits within a certain time frame.) Intertops may allow players to claim back to back free chips. I can't say for certain but in the past this is what i have known about these casinos. The casinos have the right to update their terms and conditions whenever they want and I have not visited these casino's t's and c's lately. 
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  3. Calig116

    Calig116 MEMBER

    Thanks MBen...kind of spoils the fun, but it's good information to know.I have been playing regularly at Inet Bet..the staff is wonderful and treats their customers very well. Also, they are awesome, as you have mentioned, when it comes to using free chips. Their freeroll tournaments are truly freeroll tournaments (for those that have deposited within their time requirements, as you mentioned).Now, if I can only figure out how to deposit again..:)

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