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Gambling? .......Take it Solo......LOL

Discussion in 'JOKES' started by omeg, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    [​IMG] Hi Gang:Anyone ever been in this situation?  You head to the casino, and you take a few friends. (Seemed like a good idea, but really wasnt?) Your spinning away, your friends go broke one by one and they ease in on your space.  They pull up a chair to actually sit next to you and watch you play.  This is when I start to twitch.  To me......There is nothing worse than having a audience of broke, yet  rather opinionated friends watching you play. You know the look. [​IMG] Your playing along, and you look up to spot your friend(s) coming towards you.  Nooooo, Say it isnt so.  You hunker down in your seat to try to hide, but it is too late. They have found you.  The look on their face says it all.  They have busted out with the big $20 they brought to play, and now they are bored and want to be entertained by none other than you.I gamble some. I can't say alot, but I cant say little.  I love to gamble, and if the chance arises, I go.  I am serious about my gambling.   I dont small talk alot, and I really believe there is a groove you can get into with the machine.  This is a very fragile balance to keep, and friends have a way of melting that groove and balance when they come up and decide they are going to tell you how to play.   Oh, you are playing THIS machine? I hate this game, don't you want to play something else?   Wow, you are betting a dollar a spin? Isn't that alot? I would NEVER bet a whole dollar a spin.    Im hungry, Arent you hungry? Can we go and get something to eat now? Or the ever popular...... I'm bored, Can we go now? As I sit there, I can actually feel my luck leaving my body and oozing to the floor.  I almost want to try to find a way to stop the bleeding and one way might be to sop up all the luck that just oozed out by mopping it up with one of my so called friends sitting next to me in my space. This actually happened to me.......I was playing a game called Coyote Moon in my local land casino. I was in my groove, and I was getting spins worth 90 + dollars quite often.  Long behold, a friend I had come to the casino with me, wandered up, broke and bored and sat down.   The small talk started, I tried my best to not lose the concentration I had, but it was to late. That machine said bye bye to me, and my hefty spins were poof ... gone.I have even been forced to loan/give my friends money just so they would go away.  :lol:One time I went to the casino with a date.  He thought it would be fun to play games/machines that were side by side.  :lol: I cringed inside.  Perhaps I should of mentioned that gambling was more than a fun time to me. :thumb: What a long night it was to pretend I was having a fun time as I sat there listening to him carry on every time he won a few  measly bucks.Well........As our friend Spade would say.......I better close this so it isnt as long as War and Peace.   Secretly I know he enjoys my posts very much, he just wont admit it.  hehe........Remember....Gambling is serious.......Leave your friends/spouses/ dates/ significant others at home.All in fun...........                                                                                      Pam
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