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Go Casino

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by silverVette, May 31, 2012.

  1. silverVette

    silverVette WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Hello, gang.  Just wanted to let everyone know about the fast payout I just had from Go Casino.  I won late last Friday night, put in for withdrawal, changed the amount saturday, and received a check via FedEx today(Thursday).  Great service, fast payout. AWESOME![​IMG]
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  2. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thats awesome silverVette. So glad they are treating you RIGHT. :maddance:How about some winning screenshots?                                                                       Pam

    SPADEAHOLIC Thinks Too Much

    Go Casino? as in Vegas tech casinos? thought they closed up?
  4. silverVette

    silverVette WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Go casino and its group did not close down. Just quit taking new customers from US.  If you had an account I can tell you how to download it again and start playing at Go, Crazy slots, GrandVegas and Online vegas.  VTech lives on.  just hard to win there but it will always be my preference since I played at Go from the start of my online playing. Haven't seen you for a while, Spade, nice to see you're still around.
  5. danbury1296

    danbury1296 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    hi,i read your post about Go Caasino.  I wonder if you could tell me if the email I keep geting from CrazySlots Club is the same Crazy slots from the Go group.  I was going to play but realized it was Top Game and not Vegas Tech.So, if you are able to explain how to download Go Casino (or anyone of them), I would really enjoy playing there again.Thank you.....Sharon
  6. danbury1296

    danbury1296 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    hello again.  No need to get me the info.  I got my acct #'s and downloaded the casinos.  Thanks anyway.Sharon
  7. signman48

    signman48 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thought the old Vegas Tech's were gone for good,silverVette I would like to know how to play at those Casinos again,I use to deposit and play at all the VTech's
  8. silverVette

    silverVette WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    hey signman, sorry for the delay in answering. been ill and offline for past week. easiest way is to call 1-866-321-6030 and ask for the link to download. this is customer service at go casino and they can give you the correct links to all their casinos. or pull up each casino on the internet and look for a link that has .php after it. hope that helps.
  9. signman48

    signman48 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thanks silverVette,Got through and downloaded all the VTech's including the old original GoldenCasino - the very first on line casinothat I played some years ago.( If they pay--I'll play).


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