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Golden Arch possible $25 freebie


I just received this email from Golden Arch Click the banner to sign up if you don't have an account already <a href="http://www.goldenarchpartners.com/tools/aw.aspx?B=27&A=57&Task=Click"><img width="468" src="http://www.goldenarchpartners.com/tools/aw.aspx?B=27&A=57&Task=Get" alt="$10 Free - Instant Play Casino!" height="60" /></a>WE'VE DECIDED TO GO FOR A MAKEOVER </h1>We feel beautiful right now, but as with all things in life, there is always room for improvement. Within the next few weeks we will be upgrading our website to include a new and contemporary look along with other changes designed to improve your gaming experience. So, while we are back at the drawing board, we though we would ask the most knowledgeable people in the world (the Golden Arch players) for their ideas on what could be done to increase their enjoyment. If you have any ideas for us, please send them via email to support@goldenarchcasino.com and whether we are able to use your idea or not, we will credit $25 into your account just for giving us your thoughts . <sup>**)</sup>The one thing that wont change in the future is the best bonus program anywhere.   Were not sure if it was Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, or George Washington who said if it ain't broke, dont fix it but we are going to follow that advice. So for all deposits between now and March 7, 2008 we will give you a 150% bonus . <sup>**)</sup> To be eligible for the $25 idea bonus you must have made a valid deposit within the last 90 days . <img width="390" src="http://mailings.goldenarchgames.com/mailbodies/gac/images/balls1.gif" alt="balls1.gif" height="16" />That's all for this week. Hope to see you here again soon ... and good luck! Your GoldenArchCasino Team -- Edited by belgamo at 22:43, 2008-02-21
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I havent withrew from the casino, but I have from Golden Arch Poker.  Minimum $200 to withdrawl, and with a PIC membership the withdrawl was in my bank account within a week.


Congrats on your poker withdrawal jpmerch!  And thank you very much for passing on the info!latertater,taco
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