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got some things to ask about online casinos

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by aheroawakend, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. aheroawakend

    aheroawakend NEW MEMBER

    Ive downloaded a few of them and some of them look like the same games same user interface but are just named diffrent with a diffrent skin. Another thing I want to know what is the safest way to put money into a online casino. A pre paid credit card bank card do any of them use pal pay? How long does it usually take for the payments to get into your account? and last thing the best casino sites? Oh yeah edit from the USA-- Edited by aheroawakend at 03:17, 2008-11-08
  2. aheroawakend

    aheroawakend NEW MEMBER

    any advice?
  3. AceAndyAce


    The manufactors of online casino's, sell their software to online casino's. That's why many casnio's look the same. But they all got their own bonussen and promotions, that makes it that they're all different.The safest way is, i think, by a pre paid credit card. That way the casino's don't have your real CC and can't do stupid things with it. For the most relieable casino's check out the topics about them.Paypal isn't used anymore to pay online casino's and pokersites, they don't work anymore with them.Payments are usually direct into your account, however, bonussen sometimes take up several hours.Best casino sites? Everybody has his own opinion of the best ones... It's all bout luck.
  4. aheroawakend

    aheroawakend NEW MEMBER

    Thanks ill try a pre paid account and look around at other peoples opinions i just know alot of us casinos got shut down. Ill guess ill read up on what sites allow usa gamers :) Thanks good luck and cheers.
  5. deej


    Don't forget to check out bels black list DO NOT DEPOSIT AT ANY OF THE CASINOS LISTED THERE. also don't deposit at any thing in the pit topics. If you see it advertised from one of the mods you can pretty much say it's good :) Most rivals are good at paying when you win and club world and inetbet rtgs are good. microgaming is abit all over the place don't forget the advertising rule!! "
    hope that helped:)
  6. ohbhave


    Just to add to what Andy and deej have posted... players from the U.S. have limited options when it comes to gambling online.  Funding your gambling experience can prove to be frustrating, as well.Generally, online casinos are categorized by their software platform.  Rival Gaming casinos (<a href="http://www.casinocashgiveaway.com/CASINOS-ACCEPTING-US-PLAYERS.html">allows all U.S. players</a>) RTG (Real Time Gaming) casinos (<a href="http://www.casinocashgiveaway.com/CASINOS-ACCEPTING-US-PLAYERS.html">allows all U.S. players</a>) Vegas Technology casinos (<a href="http://www.casinocashgiveaway.com/CASINOS-ACCEPTING-US-PLAYERS.html">allows all U.S. players</a>)There are several more, but these 3 are the ones you should become familiar with since you are a U.S. player.  As for funding sources, a pre-paid credit card will work.  However, not all pre-paid cards will work for online gambling.  The same also applies to e-wallets. pre-paid debit cards Netspend (All-Access Visa) is a pre-paid debit card that is widely accepted amongst the online gaming industry.  If you are a poker player, then I highly recommend this funding method.  e-wallets My only choice for funding via an e-wallet is Quicktender/Use My Wallet.  I highly recommend opening an account with QT if you are going to participate in online gambling and live in the U.S..  As with any e-wallet service, there is a small fee for some of their services.  You can fund your QT account with either a credit card or bank account.  If you ever plan on withdrawing your winnings from a casino, an e-wallet is essential for a smooth withdrawel process.  *In order to sign up with Quicktender, you must be invited by a casino that accepts this funding method.  Contact their 24hr/live-chat customer service and request an invitation for a Quicktender account.  They will send you an email with a temporary username/password for QT that will allow you to access their site and create a new account.Personally, I prefer to use my BofA visa check card for deposits whenever possible.  It cuts down on the transfer fees/time.  For withdrawels, I ONLY use Quicktender.  Good Luck! <img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" title="biggrin" />
  7. Felicie


    Yes it has taken me a while to get this right because it changes so much but for Withdrawing - Use my Wallet (QT) is the only way to go. They can bring it out fast and put it in fast. Good lord did that sound as bad as it looks? lol. Or vice versa. Anyway thats what they do. Good luck to you. "
    P.s. Keep in close touch with this forum and you can't go wrong. "
  8. ohbhave


    Too funny!  But, Felicie is absolutely correct... QT is great for U.S. players. <img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" title="biggrin" />
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  9. robsmom


    I'm in the USA and I use a prepaid debit card that you can get at wiredplastic.com, I haven't had any problem depositing with this option. I withdraw with QuickTender and have it sent to my bank account. Some casino's won't withdraw this way unless you've used it once to deposit and, those casinos have sent me checks. The checks take awhile but, I'm probably better off that way , lol.I had a hard time deciding which casinos to deposit to also because, you see so many listed as rouge or people have problems withdrawing so, I narrowed it down to 4 casinos that I know will pay because they have paid me. 4 is great because they are all different software so, different games so I can play whatever I want and be at a casino I trust to pay. I use Pitbull Poker, Wild Jack Casino, Superior Casino and InetBet. Otherwise, I play freebies but, I won't deposit unless I see lots of good comments about them on the internet. Info. is abundent if you look.<img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/aww.gif" alt="aww" title="aww" />-- Edited by robsmom at 13:28, 2008-11-11

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