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I´m confused....

Discussion in 'CURRENT CASH OUT AND WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION' started by MarcosZ, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. MarcosZ

    MarcosZ NEW MEMBER

    Good afternoon, first like to introduce myself, my name is Mark and I live in Brazil, I have a question about bonuses in the casino, I noticed that some sites have 50 or 100 max cashout depending on bonuses. So that means even if it won a jackpot of $ 1000 for example and throw the value that should be put at risk before serving out I could not draw any bonus?, I wish someone explain to me about it, also like to know if it is illegal create more than one account per casino software (not by brand but by the casino and the casino software oda), thank you very much for the answers. Even more.
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  2. jheckrocks

    jheckrocks WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    One has to read all the lines as well as in between them for bonuses.  Most of the time they are a front to get your attention.  Yes there are strict stipulations of how much you can cash out, playthrough amounts, etc.  The adage Nothing is Free will sometimes seem true when it comes to casino bonuses.  Good Luck.  Glad for you that you found this forum, because you will learn a lot!  Thanks jeffrey
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi Mark from Brazil...and WELCOME to the forum.  [​IMG]I will try to answer your questions for you the best I can if I understood them right. Your first question about Max cash out and bonuses is really quite simple.  Regardless of what you may have won with taking this bonus, Max cash out means you can only withdraw the Max allowable (example $100) from the casino.   Max cash out means just that.  There is a limit to what you may withdraw.  Always look for casinos that offer No Max cashouts with thie bonuses. They are out there.  As for your second question, which I hope I understood right:You are NEVER allowed to have more than ONE casino account per casino.  Software is a different story.  For example, I have a account at many Rivals casinos, which all use the same software, but I only have one account per one casino.  Does that make sense?If you have more than one account per casino, they will lock you out, and/or, if you win, you will not be able to Withdraw any money. They are quite strict on this policy. Mark, I hope I was able to help you this morning, and answer your questions. [​IMG]Look forward to seeing you on the forum.                                                                                     Pam
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  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mark from Brazil. Welcome to the No Deposit Forum. [​IMG]"
    It looks like jhecksrock and Pam answered your questions perfectly. If you have more, ask away. That's what we are here for ............. to help each other.
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  5. MarcosZ

    MarcosZ NEW MEMBER

    Good day ..."
    Actually there are many requisites to earn the bonus, as you understood my question completely, just did not like the ceiling to draw, in my opinion it would be nice to give less bonus casinos (A 5 or 10 dollars) over the limit no limit drawing. More'll keep playing anyway ^^..."
    Thanks for the answers and even more.

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