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I think were growing


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Everyone gather around and talkintaco will tell you a story.  AHEMMM.....Once upon a time in the land of Computer, capital city Network, there lived many lurkers.  The lurkers seemed especially fond of a few of the Burroughs in Network, inparticularly AOL and Google also known as Little AOLtown and Little Googletown.  The lurker's spent much of their time looking at others through windows in Little AOLtown and Little Googletown.  All looking and no talking made one little lurker, named lurkerduck, very sad and lonely!  So one day, lurkerduck decided to bravely go in search of the fabled Kingdom Of Gamo.  It was rumored, that in the land of NDRGCF ruled by the great King Bel, lurkers who received post and comment treatment could actually become bonified members of the other side of the window.  Lurkerduck hoped this would happen for him.  When King Bel heard, that lurkerduck was visiting his kingdom, he was very happy.  Just as the king had hoped, many more lurkers soon followed in lurkerduck's footsteps. The word spread of all the adventures and good fortune that lurkerduck was having and the other lurkers wanted to be lurkerducks, too.  King Bel couldn't wait to share his kingdom and beautiful castle (proudly designed and decorated by none other than Himself) with lurkerduck and all the other lurkers who had come to the Kingdom of Gamo.  The King wished the lurkers would become citizen~members and consider NDRCGF home, but pondered the best way to implement this.  He knew the only one to help him figure it out was the powerful and wise Wizard Merltramwith the help of her matched set of assistants, the M&M duo.  (the only difference between the two, was one has taco breath and the other bets royal members that she would never cease to be a royal nightmare to any who bets royal citizens are easy to cheat.)The Wise Wizard Merltram sent the M&M duo on a great  Hunt.  The duo had a very important message from Great King Bel, himself  Merltram and King Bel also proclaimed that 200 gold chips from the kingdom's very own cashout treasure would be awarded to one lucky lurker immigrant after the census confirms 1000 Declaration of Citizenship Posts have been completed.The lurkers moved to NDRCGF, King Bel, sitting on his throne of doilies, happily rules his kingdom, Wizard Merltram became a professor of Moderation 101 and  the M&M duo enrolled soon after and are close to receiving the honorary bonus doctorate of chip studies.AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!  THE END.latertater,talkintaco -- Edited by Micheleben5 at 12:30, 2008-01-10
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A lurker tear jerker! i am so touched to have been a fortunate finder of this palace, this place, the kingdom of the NDRCGF space! May I be the first lurker to give gratitude and grace, and on behalf of us all... a great big THANKS!


Hello All and Happy Halloween!! Have been checking this place out for a while and finally got the time to sit down and enter some information here. I enjoy everyone's posts and this seems to be the best forum going out there!!! The moderators are very informative and do an awesome job. I look forward to coming here often!! Mrsrose1705 (another michele with one L!!)
YIPPPPEEEEE, our little club within a club grows. Welcome to NDRCGF and a big welcome to the 1 L Michele club!!!! BTW, I noticed you as soon as you logged on, I love the name Rose, it is my most favorite flower and I collect any knick-knack I can find that is rose~related! So excited to have you here!!!!"
Micheleben is going to be so pumped when she see's our club is now three!!!"
talkintaco....michele proudly with one L


I could not have said it better Taco my heart!Welcome Mrsrose!Martha alias ahtram88
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