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I withdraw $140 from WilliamHill Casino

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by gwogwoo, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. gwogwoo

    gwogwoo NEW MEMBER

    I withdraw $140 from WilliamHill Casino on 19th April,2011 but uptill now i can get it in visa card. I am worried what can i do? I have met up with the withdrawal requirement, I have chatted with online support and the told me the money has been approved and i should get it with 3-5days. has any one has such experience before,thank you allDon(Nigeria) 
  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hi gwogwoo.So you are ten days into the withdrawal when they told you 3-5 days? Have you talked with support lately after they told you that you were approved and should expect it in 3-5 days? What was your withdrawal method?There is something about William Hill Casino that is negative, I think, but can't remember what it is about them. I know Belgamo does not promote them and for that reason alone, I would not play there.Maybe with some research at other sites, you may find out what I think I am trying to say about them.
  3. gwogwoo

    gwogwoo NEW MEMBER

    Thank you very much,I have chatted with online support but the told me to contact my bank but I called my bank serial times and they checked their system and told me there is no such transfer that entered my card. I made deposit with my Visa credit card and withdrawal is through the same method.I have fullfilled all their withdrawal requirements including update my account with my documents.I also went to ATM machine with my CC card to check my account there is such fund in the account.  I was some thing about William Hill that did not interest me. When the gave u bonus they will later tell you that playing roulette will not be counted for your wager requirement. You will be told to play slots and so on which i have not played and do not know how to play it.I am new in gambling industry. kindly recommend me some good casinos that i can play and cash out easily without much delay. I am living in Nigeria,west africa. I wish to make a futurn from gambling.regards to allDon[​IMG]
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