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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by belgamo, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    Vegas Regal gave out $900 in free chips during the chat, it was so great of them I want to thank Nicolas and Vegas Regal for making it a blast!$25 wiiners mbyerlyrkkesslersunshinezJRWYMANR  $50 winners Kpopebeboprebagosunshinez jamiek77felicie $100 winnersmbyerlyrfrecklesdstackpofeliciejamiek77 [​IMG]-- Edited by belgamo on Tuesday 15th of September 2009 10:35:29 PM-- Edited by belgamo on Tuesday 15th of September 2009 10:50:01 PM
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  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    You absolutely missed out!! It was one fun chat!!! Thanks Bel and Vegas Regal....
  3. msfilly


    BOO HOO I had to go to bacvk to school night WTG everyone boy VEGAS REGAL was really generous what a great sponsor!!!!
  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Nicolas sure was generous msfilly! We were totally blown away by his prizes! I'm sorry that you missed it but hey, your education comes first, right? [​IMG]
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  5. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Glad to hear everyone had a blast! How awesome of Vegas Regal to give out that much in free money!! Congrats everyone and enjoy!
  6. givennsz

    givennsz BINGO MOMMA

    It was really a fun party. Thanks Belgamo and Nicolas. Vegal Regal is really the best rival slot. I keep playing and I cant lose lol.
  7. Mikey7a


    I was there!! Thank you sooooo much to Belgamo, and Nicolas! I had a blast playing my bonuses. I live on a fixed income, but my gambling dollars now belong to the greatest Rival.....no, the greatest Casino, Vegas Regal!!"
    Thanks again!"
  8. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I am glad you guys had a great time! "
    I think we must do it again SOON!!! ;)
  9. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    i hope everyone had a great time. sorry i cant get on the computer until after 7 pm phoenix time. we have our own time...lol.. right now pst time..i have my grandson, friday thru wednesday and sometimes the other two days. he lives with us for those days and he tries to get the computer, mouse and key board.he has broken one laptop, five keyboards and many mouses. he carries one around with him all the time.. broken of course.so i cant get on until after 7 pm when he goes to bed. but i wanted to join.maybe some time we can do it later. i know it is hard for other countries or usa.. i guess.but i am soo happy it was a sucess. any how my grandson coulson is 17 months old and wild...lolkeep up the great work here everyone. we have the best forum around
  10. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    Get ready for round 2 this Friday at 9PM eastern standard time, the day after thanksgiving.

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