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is there a strategy that can win money on rouletee

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by davidreal, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. davidreal

    davidreal NEW MEMBER

    hello any rouletee player there. i need a strategy that capable of winning me money on rouletee. or what casino  can you recognize for me and how to do it. am thinking of buying  r-bet rouletee software and rouleteereaper strategy but i dont want to waste  my money  on system  that will not work that is what brought me here.
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  2. rebago


    Well speaking as an amateur here is what I can say has worked for me when I play on the computer for free. I have NEVER played roulette for real money but have played tons for free. I surroud one number with chips. Whatever you can afford spread them out and put them around one number. Seems like I usually hit that one number about 2 times in a session and then the surrounding numbers enough to keep me going. I am normally ahead with this strategy. But it is for fun money not for real. Good luck!
  3. mydearkim

    mydearkim MEMBER

    Take a look at the wheel,choose 1 number you like and three numbers to its left on the wheel and three numbers on its right on the wheel...This willgive you a wedge of 7 number next to each other on the wheel.....if the ball drops in the area you are sure to hit one of them.......Good Luck

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