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Discussion in 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIFTS' started by foxyfemfatal, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. foxyfemfatal

    foxyfemfatal Banned

    Hello Cherie,  Thanks for contacting our customer support team and raising your valued concerns on your bonus system, we appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative.  Cherie , please understand that all promotional credits are awarded at the discretion of the Promotions Department as they review players casino accounts to determine if they are eligible for any promotional offers . I have checked your Rich Reels casino account and have noted that you deposited $100 and received $46 in bonus money. You were also one of the winners in our Mystery Symbol Promotions.  Villento Brands endeavors to communicate ongoing loyalty and promotional events that we believe you will enjoy. Im very disappointed to hear that you feel we havent met up with your expectations.  Complimentary bonuses are offered to players after considering various factors and are based on your casino play in its entirety i.e. game play, your deposits and bonuses awarded previously, basically everything on your casino profile is thoroughly reviewed.   Our promotion team have fresh, fantastic and fun filled weekly promotional offers tailored to suite your needs. We host purchase match promotions over the duration of weekends, and should it be feasible, wed have them running throughout the week. Unfortunately bonuses cant be credited after every deposit and/or gaming session.   We do however take the liberty of reviewing ones account if they request a bonus outside the purchase match promotional period. Having reviewed your Villento account and I have noticed that you did not request any sort of bonus here.   Cherie , beyond these factors, we continue in our endeavors to keep you happy at Villento; from the array of promotions, like Triple Play Triple Pay, Mystery Symbol, Get Spotted and the inevitable Weekend Purchase Match promotion, to our efficient customer support.  I trust you find some confidence in these promotional events and realize that your patronage is truly valued.  As a customer orientated casino we try our best to ensure that our players are kept satisfied. Our Promotions Department has reviewed your casino account and I am glad to inform you that a $30 complimentary bonus has been credited to your Villento Casino account.  At the end of the day, we strive to provide you with a fantastic gaming experience, and Im concerned that youre more frustrated than you are having fun. To ensure that you truly do gain full value for your money, please be sure to take us up on all our exciting promotional offers. If you have further suggestions on our current and other promotions, Id love to hear.Thanks for hearing me out, I trust that Ive covered your concerns and please let me know if theres anything more I can do for you.  Warm Regards Ronesh  
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  2. givennsz

    givennsz BINGO MOMMA

    Awesome foxy... HAPPY Birthday to you indeed. I hope you win lots of money with the bonus. :)

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