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just a question about rushmore casino


Has anyone every had and luck or bad experiences with Rushmore Casino. I made a 30 dollar deposit twice and never hit one single free spin. I won a few cents here and there and that was it. When I emailed them they said sorry about your bad luck.


I have never put money into rushmore casino but if i was you lbdy22 i would never put money back there again to me they sound like a casino that is no dam good"
sorry that you couldn't get no free spins


i hate to say but alot of casino say that. I play at fortune lounge casino all the time, off subject but I used to be at the highest level of player, the last few months i havent been playing there cause of all the good contest here. anyway, they gave me my month bonus, you have to click a button, it said 30.00, sound good, third level bonus, well, when i went to redeem my bonus they only gave me 10.00 when i emailed them, they would only give me the 10.00 even though I saw 30.00, they asked for proof, why would i screensave it. But i guess i have to in the future. I went all the way to management, and they said sorry so sad, You only get 10.00 cause that is what membership you are now.I was shocked and told them I was a member of this forum and would tell everyone, but forgot until now.I used to love them,they paid by an atm card which made it easy to get money, but after this all for 20.00 and I told them to ck my history that you have gotten thousands from me this past year, but it didnt matter, they said sometimes the get the links mixed up, but i only get 10.00So the point is, even well established, good reputation companies can sure be bad,Play at Club Player, every time i play and lose, I contact them and they give me a free chip......


I played at Rushmore when they first opened. I deposited $100 plus bonus. I eventually cashed out $750.  I had problems at first with them sending my check, but got it in about 3 weeks after cashout. I guess the problem was because they opened the casino to early and didn't have financials in place soon enough.  I called them up and gave them hell a few times, but they kept their composure and was very professional.  They told me they were having banking problems with the checks and i would get my money. I won most of it on cleopatras gold. I would recommend them, but I haven't deposited there since. I rarely redeposit at a casino i have cashout on because when i do i always lose the money fast.     

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