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Discussion in 'ARCHIVED GAMBLING FORUM POSTS' started by Mben, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. JasonFTA


    Hi Jumboscampi,

    I trust that you are doing well?

    That's correct, you did have an old account with Malibu Club Casino (Just a reminder, it was an old brand, but we now took over the ownership and management of the brand).

    I have gone ahead and awarded you with the $35 promo. I also see that you have a 15 Minute free play bonus waiting on your account.

    So there you go, login and enjoy the freebies!

    Best Regards
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  2. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, I too signed up for Malibu Club Casino a while ago.
    Had no idea I should of waited, as better management was on the way. hehe
    Pretty sure my sign in is PMM2008
    Thanks Jason in advance for looking into my account to see if I qualify for anything.
    You rock.
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  3. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi again Jason.....
    After further review, my user name is pmiddlet

    I too have had trouble in the past with Rivals. Would LOVE just one reputable one where I could play and deposit.
    Thanks again in advance.
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  4. JasonFTA


    Hi PMM2008,

    Nope, can't locate the account under that username. PM me your email addy and I will trace the account and sort you out.

    Best Regards
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  5. JasonFTA


    Ok cool, I just received your latest reply. Give me 5 minute and I will get back to you.

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  6. JasonFTA


    Hi PMM2008,

    There we go, please see if you are able to login and claim the bonus now. I see that the account was suspended due to incorrect password.
    Please let me know if you require further assistance.

    Best Regards
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  7. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Jason.....Everything worked fine with the casino/bonus...except I didn't win. lol
    I'll seriously consider depositing now that you are a part of the staff.
    Thanks again.
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  8. GambleRamble

    GambleRamble NEW MEMBER

    Well, today is the first time I have been back to this thread since I signed up at Malibu Club.
    First thing I want to say is I had never heard of Malibu Club before I saw the Exclusive here on NDF. When I clicked the banner on this thread, I opened a brand new account. There is no reason that I should not have been tagged to NDF's affiliate link.

    Now I am gonna tell you a story....

    I ended up playing the $25 bonus and made the playthrough! What are the odds, right? ;) Anyhow, I was unimpressed with the hoops I had to jump through to obtain the funds. Although, I will say this, I have never tried to process a withdrawal from a free chip. I initiated a chat regarding the withdrawal and was told I had to deposit to confirm my account. I realize that depositing to withdraw is standard, since every withdrawal I have ever processed or attempted to process have been at Casino's I deposit at. But... and it is a BIG BUT.... when I see NO DEPOSIT BONUS, I never think DEPOSITING is part of the equation. Probably naive or maybe just too literal when reading the English language.

    The $25 bonus that I played and won on had a $100 max cash on it but the one NDF offered has a $150 max cash and had I been allowed to play the bonus I signed up for, I would have seriously considered depositing to cash out the win. However the $100 max cash came with a $25 sticky bonus and a $45 fee attached to it. Basically after depositing $25, I can withdraw $55 ... profit of $30. I think it's funny that the $100 minimum withdraw amount is compromised by the fee ... you can not withdraw $145 so that the fee is covered, NOPE!

    BUT here is the thing...recently, my sister won some money playing a free chip from Raging Bull. She was also told she had to deposit to withdraw, but this time, the withdrawal amount is $150. For me, depositing $25 to withdraw $150 is an easier pill to swallow.

    Seeing Jason's name on a casino, is a type of accreditation. Generally, I trust the establishment simply because I know I will have access to him and he continues to rectify situations PUBLICLY for members on NDF and several other casino blogs.

    In the future, I will keep Malibu Club in mind simply because of Jason, BUT I will not claim any of their promotions again. If I want to play here, I will deposit bonus free.


    Requesting support.
    Me : Hi friend, can you tell me how far I am from meeting the wagering requirement?
    Brian has entered the chat.
    Me : I don't see a progress bar
    Brian : Hello , unfortunately you may not be able to see it on your side.
    Brian : You now have a wagering remaining of 86 to play through
    Brian : Good luck! :)
    Me : $86 total is all left out of $875?
    Brian : Correct
    Me : I am excited ... thank you friend! :) have a nice week
    Brian : All the best! Good bye! :)
    Brian has left the chat.
    Closing chat due to inactivity.
    Requesting support.
    Me : Hi friend
    Me : I made the Wagering Requirements
    Me : When I click on Withdraw it only shows Wire Transfer and when I click that it says not available
    Me : can you check on that for me
    Brian has entered the chat.
    Me : Brian! Hi friend
    Me : I did it!
    Me : I made the playthrough
    Me : But I don't know how to cash out
    Brian : Hello!! Yessss!!! Congratulations on your winning!!
    Me : thanks
    Me : :)
    Brian : Please visit the cashier and request your withdrawal
    Me : Keno was the big winner
    Me : 4 out 4
    Me : I tried
    Me : But it won't let me
    Me : It says Wire Transfer
    Me : so I click it and then it says unavailable
    Brian : What does the error message say exactly?
    Me : it says
    Me : due to current withdrawal limits this withdraw method is not available
    Me : but the thing is...
    Me : I can only cash out UP TO $100\
    Me : so if the withdrawal limit is more for the wire transfer I don't qualify to use this method
    Me : but its the only method listed under withdraw
    Me : confusing, don't ya think?
    Me : :)
    Brian : I am a bit confused as well! :) just give me a moment please I will try to sort this out for you
    Me : thanks Brian
    Me : Am I the first winner here?
    Me : Did the casino just debut today?
    Me : I read somewhere that today was the opening
    Me : could have been affiliate's first day with casino though
    Me : I play quite a bit, more than most and I have never heard of Malibu Club until today
    Me : I play at Miami Club, daily so this one is new to me
    Me : I know you are busy getting some answers so just ignore me...
    Me : lol
    Me : I appreciate your help and want you to take your time I am in no hurry
    Brian : Thanks for waiting, the max withdrawal with that bonus is 100 and you will have to pay the wire transfer fee which is 45. For US players, we do only wire transfer. Can you please request the full amount of 100 and let me know if it works?
    Closing chat due to inactivity.
    Me : Brian
    Me : it doesnt work still
    Me : Brian...
    Me : I tried to withdraw the $100 but it is the same message
    Brian : How much have you tried earlier?
    Me : Never asked for an amount
    Brian : Can you please send us a screenshot of the error message your seeing to support@malibuclubcasino.com?
    Me : the promo is still active is that why?
    Me : I am gonna do it now
    Me : as soon as I click withdraw button up above the cashier it says
    Me : wire transfer
    Me : so I click it
    Me : then it says this
    Brian : Okay, you will have to make a minimum deposit of 25 in order to cash out
    Me : Wire Transfer UnavailableDue to current withdrawal limits, this withdrawal method is not available at the moment
    Me : ok if I make the $25 deposit do I still have to pay $45 for the fee
    Me : the wire transfer fee
    Me : so basically it will cost me $70 to get $30 profit
    Me : is that correct?
    Brian : Because there is a sticky bonus of 25 with that bonus. Just give me a moment please I will check the wire transfer fee.
    Me : thanks friend
    Me : I know it's not your rules Brian but just as a human you must realize that it seems pretty silly to deposit when you are redeeming a no deposit bonus
    Me : it never said anything about a deposit being necessary in the details listed in the cashier regarding the promotion I chose
    Me : I signed up through an affiliate today which offered a $35 chip with a max cash out of $150.50 but unfortunately the chat rep earlier was unfamiliar with that bonus and recommended I try the $25 NDB in the cashier
    Me : so I did, but now that I see that I have to deposit $25 to withdraw, I would much rather have had the $150 withdraw option to make it worth while
    Brian : Sorry for the delay, yes its been confirmed that it has a wire transfer fee of 45.
    Brian : You may reversed the money as well, it will become 75 as your playable balance and it will be as free money
    Me : I dont understand
    Me : what do you mean reverse?
    Me : It was never withdrawn
    Me : it is impossible to withdraw
    Brian : Okay, the max withdrawal is 100 with that bonus. You need to make a minimum deposit of 25. They bank will only charge the wire fee transfer which is 45. You will receive the rest along with your deposit.
    Brian : Therefore, it is 125 - 45 = 80
    Brian : Plus there is a sticky bonus which is 25.
    Me : What is sticky bonus
    Brian : 80-25 = 55
    Me : so $55 is the max able to withdraw for US players
    Me : not the $100 as listed on the promo?
    Brian : No, you will receive 55 in total.
    Brian : It is 100 as listed but it is because of the sticky bonus and the wire fee charge
    Me : never mentioned in the cahier
    Me : ok brian
    Me : can you send me a copy of our chat?
    Brian : http://www.malibuclubcasino.com/en/terms-and-conditions.php
    Brian : Please have a look at the terms and conditions carefully on the website
    Brian : Yes, I may email you the chat if you want to. You will have an option as well where you may save the chat once the chat will end
    Me : thanks I appreciate that
    Me : I would like a copy
    Brian : Your email address is, correct?
    Me : please include from the initial conversation when I won and you congratulated me
    Me : that was very nice of you
    Me : thank you that is correct
    Brian : Sure, no problem! I will send it to you right away
    Me : no hard feelings ... you just happen to work for a shady casino
    Me : take care
    Brian : I understand. Please have a look carefully at the terms and conditions as I provided you the link earlier for more information, hope this helps! Take good care of yourself! Good bye!
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  9. JasonFTA


    Hi GambleRamble,

    Thanks for your feedback. You are 100% correct, it does not make sense. To be honest, I don't know who created the $25 free offer as the bonus amount should not be sticky at all. I have now changed the offer, removing the sticky amount and increasing the max cashout to $150. Thus morning forward, all players will be eligible to cashout the max amount of $150. We also now decided to decrease the wire fee amount from $45 to $25.

    As for all our other bonuses, if my memory serves me correct, most of them are not sticky. But I do agree, playing with your own deposits is the best way to go as there are no limitations when cashing in.

    GambleRamble, I will be PM'ing you shortly, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

    Ladies and Gents, I will always do my best to ensure that all players get treated fairly and I hope that you guys can do the same for me and the brands which I represent.

    I look forward to hearing back from you guys soon!

    Best Regards
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  10. JasonFTA


    Hi PMM,

    Sorry to hear that you did not strike it lucky...lol.... Just as long as you had fun!!
    Yeah Malibu is now under my wing, so you guys are in good hands.

    Have a super day and take care!

    Best Regards
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  11. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    @JasonFTA Thank you for your prompt and (as she pointed out) public reply to @GambleRamble as well as your adjustments to the bonus and processing fee. You are truly the best casino rep in the world!

    I never hesitate to recommend Raging Bull, Grand Fortune or Malibu Club to all of our members because I know you have their back. Stay awesome! ;)
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  12. irishgilly

    irishgilly WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  13. irishgilly

    irishgilly WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Wow!! Changing the $45 fee for withdrawal to a much more reasonable $25 fee is just terrific Jason!! One of the casinos that I have been playing at for years has always charged me $45 for a withdrawal and I cannot begin to tell you how irritating that has been,not to mention expensive! I am so happy to be switching to your casinos for my online playtime Jason. Just from having followed the posts on this site and at other (less terrific of course!) forums, I can see that you are a man who can be trusted to ensure that his depositors are being treated fairly and that everyone comes away from the experience feeling that way. This month has been a terrible month for me financially, ( Two deaths in the family, my beloved pup and my mother in law) so it will be a while before I can start playing regularly with your casinos, but I am really looking forward to it. When I leave the other casino I will be giving up a very high level on the VIP scale, and that hurts just to think about it, took me over ten years to reach that level so it is rather hard to give it up, but I have a feeling that it will not take me as long to reach that level at your casinos as it took for me to reach it at the one I am currently playing at :) I know I have said it before, but I must say, You do rock Jason!
  14. irishgilly

    irishgilly WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Just want to tell you PMM, I too have had a boat load of issues with Rivals in the past. If I took up all the space on two pages to tell you about it all you could prob identify with some of it and no doubt you would be appalled by all of it! I just want to tell you, and everyone else who has had their own troubles with Rivals- I wrote Jason a private message and told him about some of the issues I had been facing for years- multiple issues, and no exaggeration, Jason took care of the problems in less than a day.!!!!! I am not saying that Jason can work magic with everyone's issues, but I do want to give a shout out to him for helping me solve what was nearly a decades worth of foolishness in less than a day! Maybe he can help some of you as well with what ever issues you are experiencing. I can't make that promise of course, I have no idea what your issues are, or if they are even solvable, but my personal issues were many, varied, and I thought, insurmountable, yet Jason had them solved in just under a day! So maybe, just maybe? At the very least, if he cannot solve all of your issues with Rivals, with luck, maybe he can make them disappear at his Rival! Good luck to you all! In any case, whether he can solve them or not, any casino Jason is associated with will be my casino of choice to play in, that is a given!
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  15. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    That's the kind of thing I'm sure @JasonFTA loves to hear :nod:
  16. GambleRamble

    GambleRamble NEW MEMBER

    WOW! You have managed once again to have me smiling back at the computer as I type this to you! Jason, you are such a considerate, generous and effective casino rep!

    I have only been gambling online since 2012, I don't know the pleasure of Microgaming, Netteller or the legendary service that was once provided to US players. I have learned to live with the sub-standard service that I assumed was the norm for this industry. THEN YOU ENTER THE THREAD, LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! Individual attention is exactly what we need from our casino's. { other than JACKPOTS } The Executive Casino Host in Vegas needs to be implemented into the Online industry. You can lead the Webinars teaching these casino reps how to entice and retain players. { I will help with the logistics ;) }

    When it comes to my beloved casinos, unfortunately none of the brands you represent have made the kind of impression it would take to steal my hand from my current list of courtiers. As for Malibu Club specifically, I am not a fan of Rival software, I would probably never log into this casino again.

    In a nutshell, Jason, I want to play at casinos that appreciate me, and as of right now, there is no online casino rep, even from my most coveted casino, that treats me as well as you have today. So, no, the casinos did not make a lasting impression, but you made the best impression! I am off to deposit there simply because you are there. :) From this day forward, I will be working on climbing the tier levels at the Brands Jason is representing. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience and with any luck ~ a win/win.
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  17. GambleRamble

    GambleRamble NEW MEMBER

    I was holding off on posting that for the last hour or so because I wanted to include a little confirmation of the deposit as a token of my sincerity. SIGH




    Then this happened... I tried to deposit several times... and it will not process! I have the funds in my account, the card works fine, everything is correct, I tried several different amounts, EVERYTHING I can think of to double check on has been triple checked...

    So I go to chat....

    Ashley : how are you
    Me : I am trying to make a deposit
    Me : I checked to make sure the funds were available and they are ... the card is not expired... it is a Debit card and I am unable to process it
    Me : I tried $25 $26 $26.50 and nothing
    Ashley : Please wait a moment while I access your account
    Me : Is there a way to manually process it?
    Me : I believe the problem is with the processor
    Ashley has left the chat.
    Me : It says CSR Ashley has left the chat
    Me : Weird, right?
    Me : Ok Jason, here is another chat to add to the novel that has become our story

    I just continued typing those last three comments in the chat box because I knew once she just left that I would be sharing that chat with you.


    Thank you friend!
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  18. JasonFTA


    Hi GambleRamble,

    Good thing that I shave my head, otherwise I would have pulled every last strand of hair from my head out of pure frustration.

    In Ashely's defense, we have had issues with the chat sessions on Rival with regards to them dropping the chats. I have also logged a ticket with their tech support desk to look into this matter.

    Please afford me a few minutes to look into the rejected transactions. As far as I am aware, we are not able to manually process the transaction. But let me confirm.

    Chat soon!

    Best Regards
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  19. GambleRamble

    GambleRamble NEW MEMBER

    I want everyone here to know that Jason is even more amazing then what you have already seen here.

    I tried 3 unsuccessful deposit attempts at Malibu Club, Jason quickly stepped in and verified my card to see if that might help the transaction go through. I return to Malibu Club to try with my newly verified card and guess what? The three attempts from earlier in the evening, red flagged the card and I got an error message stating I made too many attempts and would be locked out for 24 hours. ;(

    I was so determined to deposit for Jason that I went to Grand Fortune to make my first deposit and again tried several times and could not deposit.

    I just knew I could deposit at Raging Bull because although it was PasteandPay, I had successfully deposited there before. WRONG. I tried a few times, different amounts and waiting in between attempts.. still no luck.

    I began to wonder if maybe it was a fault on my end with either my card or my account. I had to be sure that I wasn't making a mistake, so I went to Intertops & attempted a $21 deposit on my card just like the one I had tried at Raging Bull just moments before. Guess what? It was processed in less than 60 seconds.

    So the situation wasn't ideal but I am certain that Jason's team is doing everything to investigate and correct whatever the issue was. Who knows, maybe it was just a fluke? Either way, the response I received from Jason throughout all of this was outstanding. I am still behind his brands because he really does work his ass off to make things right, last night was no exception. I would tell you exactly what transpired but he has humbly asked me not to expose the level of his greatness.

    Just use your imagination folks, he is even more amazing then we ever realized!

    jason3.jpg jason4.gif
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  20. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Uncle Jay is THE MAN! ;) Thanks for your posts GambleRamble, they're great!
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