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My Ex Was Bitten by A Rattle Snake - No Joke! - Graphic Pictures!


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My ex-husband was bitten by a baby rattlesnake on Friday. He was out having dinner at a steakhouse on the outskirts of town, out where he lives, and killed this snake that was outside the restaurant ... or so he thought. As he went to pick it up to toss it in the desert, it bit him on his finger. He obviously was not dead. It took at least an hour for him to get any kind of anti-venom at the hospital since he was so far out of town. That is not good when it comes to needing the anti-venom quickly after a snake bite. And this was a baby which means they don't know how to control their venom like adult snakes do. He has received 3 doses of the anti-venom so far and he's still in the hospital today. They don't know when he will be able to go home. The venom has spread up his arm and he is now having chest pains. My ex is a cowboy. He loves the desert, is always horseback riding (we use to ride all the time. I sure do miss it.), goes camping and hunting, etc. Just a true southern Arizona cowboy. He has a downfall though (other than the reason we got divorced! LOL) ... he is not scared of snakes, not even rattlers! A story I heard when he got home from a hunting trip years ago was that he caught a full grown rattler one night just for fun ... with his bare hands. He blinded the snake with a flashlight, held it fixed in it's eyes, reached out and caught it behind it's head. Did I say just for fun? Yes, I did! I was furious when I heard what he did. Endangering himself like that. But no matter what anyone tells him, he does what he wants to do. So be it. He has beaten the odds though. Meaning for all the times he has run into snakes out in the desert and messed with them even, this is the first time in his 50 years that he has finally been bitten.Please send good thoughts his way that he recovers quickly. He may be my ex but I do care what happens to him. My daughter considers her step-dad her dad. For her sake and my grandson's. That boy LOVES his Tata!Here are some pictures. They are pretty graphic so I didn't place them in the post like I normally do pictures. There is one that looks obscene. Just a warning!   -- Edited by Mben on Tuesday 27th of August 2013 08:51:41 PM


Mben, that is terrible. Will keep him in my prayers. Let us know how he is doing.  When my son was a  kid , my husband let him buy a baby boa ( I think my husband wanted it more than my son did  ) .  He kept it in his room in a big tank, and had to feed it white mice a couple times a week. He would charge is friends and the neighbor kids a quarter to watch it eat the little mouse, but then he would always give them the money back lol.   It didn't last too long before it died. The pet store owner said it probably caught a cold , because  it was not used to the weather here in upstate NY, lol.  You can bet I didn't go in his room that often.  Please up date us on your ex's condition when you can.


OMG!!!That is terrible. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.Snakes and I don't get along. I see one and go the other way. hahaIf you speak to him, tell him we are all thinking of him. 


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Thank you nikki and Pam. "
Snakes of any kind are kind of creepy. I can be around them as long as I know that they are not poisonous. Like the Boa, nikki. I would have paid your son to watch the snake eat his little furry meal. lol Did he let his friends hold it?"
Unfortunately, the only snakes I have ever ran into down here have been Rattlesnakes. Oh and a Sidewinder. That was cool! If I did ever run into an exotic snake, I'd know someone lost their pet. Too bad my ex didn't run into one of those. "
I'll be sure to let him know you both are thinking of him.


Wow, that is scary! Hope all turns out well for him. I absolutely and petrified of snakes, worms, etc. YICK!

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